February 1, 2013


Meeting webcasting essential for open governments

Many government bodies are considering ways to enhance meetings and invest in open and transparent government solutions, and some have found the answer in enterprise webcasting. Webcasting, or the live streaming of meetings and other events, provides instant access to information that may not otherwise be easily accessed by the general public due to location, scheduling conflicts or other reasons.

The implementation of live webcasting solutions can give local governments the advantage they need to improve public awareness and access to critical information discussed at town, city or county meetings. It can also help ward off dissatisfaction from the community regarding open government, or the lack thereof, such as what recently occurred in Cornwall, England. According to the Western Morning News, the county recently held a meeting to discuss plans to build an incinerator at St. Dennis, a town near the center of Cornwall. The meeting was to discuss alternatives to the incinerator and if they would be more or less cost effective. The plan has been a point of contention for citizens of the county, according to the news source, and an issue arose when the county refused to webcast the meeting to help keep the public informed.

Other towns and counties have been far more successful at avoiding these issues by investing in the right tools they need to implement webcasting. Delta, British Columbia, a municipality near Vancouver, recently implemented a live webcasting solution to air meetings to the general public, according to the South Delta Leader, and other government organizations, like police departments and town councils, have also successfully done the same in the past.

While some organizations may refuse to invest in the technology needed to support webcasting, it can be even easier for businesses to do so than townships or counties. Implementing an enterprise video content delivery network (CDN) can simplify infrastructure needs and ensure the high-quality streaming of video for any company. Video may be the wave of the future of enterprise improvement, but businesses need the right technology to support it.

Kontiki’s Enterprise CDN can eliminate many issues that businesses run into with video streaming, from bandwidth bottlenecking to the obstruction of other essential work processes. By dedicating a separate network to content delivery, a business can process higher quality video and still perform all of its other needs without restricting workflow – and this is just one benefit.

In addition to improving network traffic usage, a dedicated CDN is also a more secure way for companies to implement video. One concern that some have is that streaming meetings could result in the theft of intellectual property by hackers. However, Kontiki’s high-quality solutions implement higher security for webcasting needs, eliminating the threat of corporate espionage.

Whether for a town council or a larger enterprise, investing in the solutions to support video webcasting may be essential for current operations, and is worth the initial cost to future-proof operations for years to come.