December 12, 2012


Media streaming can improve content delivery for all

While businesses look for ways to enhance content delivery to both employees and consumers, many are finding the answer in improved media streaming options. Video streaming allows companies to upload video and deliver content whenever it is convenient for the recipient, rather than trying to schedule meetings and other inconveniences. With streaming solutions, a business can increase its capacity to deliver content, improve quality of services and reduce resource utilization, freeing up time and systems for other mission-critical tasks.

Video streaming provides streamlined access to essential information for viewers without requiring extensive meetings, and helps avoid scheduling conflicts and other matters that can complicate or hinder the spread of information. Businesses have to differentiate their services from the competition to gain an advantage and improve business, and video streaming can help accomplish this as well. Information can be made more personal, social and interactive with improved video webcasting.

Another benefit that enhanced webcasting provides is the availability of information on a variety of devices. Business is becoming more mobile, and with professionals constantly on the go, many use smartphones and tablets to do their job. However, with enterprise webcasting, these employees will have the same access to information as those who spend all day at a desktop PC in the office, which will enhance the overall dissemination of content.

Ultimately, workflows are changing and businesses have to support the latest trends to remain competitive today. With video streaming, content delivery can be updated with the times and provide these companies with the means to keep employees and customers informed, without running into the pitfalls of the 20th century.