May 22, 2014


Managing video communication helps promote usability

The amount of data breach problems, information management and network control problems that organization can encounter is on the rise. Because of that, companies are always on the lookout for new and safer ways to deliver their important content to target audiences. The rise of enterprise streaming media and video for business is helping to deliver on those demands.

Considering security
As Source Security stated, most organizations are set up to think of video communication as a totally separate object from the hardware and networks used to create and curate this content. The problem with such an approach is that it pushes the importance of these various assets in different directions, forcing personnel to think of them as abstract articles instead of as part of an overall system.

The better option in many cases, according to the source, is to try for a digital and interconnected interface that loops hardware and software together. Enterprise video solutions need to remain flexible and functional in both terms of how they were created, deployed and where these solutions may head in the future. If a company wants to be sure it can control and protect its content now and moving forward, there needs to be careful consideration regarding compatibility and scope whenever making changes to the system.

When organizations fail to recognize these issues, it's possible that legacy storage, systems and video communication portals may get phased out without properly backing up or storing these resources. In terms of corporate continuity, such an error could result in the loss of large volumes of information. This in turn may result in financial strain and communication issues as recordings that personnel previously relied on are no longer available or streaming appropriately.

Technology troubles
AV Network added that the importance of these kinds of considerations is particularly high in light of emerging technologies that are making significant impacts on how corporations function. Specifically, the source pointed to mobile solutions and bring-your-own-device assets as helping to revolutionize how workforce functions. At the same time, many legacy video for business options aren't compatible with these interfaces and platforms.

It's best in these cases to consider data management and enterprise data oversight such that it's easier to maintain recordings for the long term. Ensuring that business solutions remain up to date without sabotaging security and continuity is key, especially when overhauling essential systems such as enterprise video platforms.