May 20, 2013


Making scripts ensures better video communication quality

Being organized is a critical aspect of business success. In order to ensure that corporate deployments are successfully envisioned, created and maintained, organizations must be certain that they are thinking through every step of the process and checking every aspect for potential failures. This same principle applies to video for business, as enterprise video assets are widely distributed and can have a significant impact on the way a firm functions.

Start writing from the beginning
Crafting an outline for an enterprise video message is the first step in the process after deciding that video is the right move for an organization. Once the hardware and software needed for these deployments is ready, creative ingenuity needs to kick in and brainstorming a script can begin. Business 2 Community wrote that those involved should begin by breaking the video down into its basic parts, just like chapters of a book or a series of instructions, in order to determine how to cover the essential information the video must include.

A video needs a solid hook or introduction, something that immediately engages viewers and makes them want to keep watching. Many users may stop watching within the first 10 seconds, according to a study by Visible Measures. The source also stated that, even if a firm's video communication makes it passed that threshold, of the remaining viewers almost half stopped watching within 30 seconds. Finding intriguing and creative engagement tools to open a video with is critical for these deployments to gain success, so planning a strong introduction is one of the most important parts of writing a video script.

Sections directly following the intro should hone in on the product or service being offered, the new protocol or the corporate culture a video is being designed to inform viewers about. Business 2 Community stated that this middle portion of a business video should show off why the resource was created and the aspects it was created to help improve. This provides the target audience with more than just what the tool is. It makes viewers want the tool and see its value immediately. This makes a business video a critical resource for spreading business ideas, improving sales and enhancing digital security, among other assets. Forming a script makes it easy for creators to check that all the necessary information is being conveyed and in a way that makes these messages compelling.

Getting more from video content
Time and efficiency are yet more perks that scripting imparts. According to Business 2 Community, planning out the entire video in terms of storyboards and scripting helps companies keep their messages short and sweet. While some personnel may be interested in watching 20 minutes of corporate video, it's hard to maintain engagement and keep to the main focus of a message if recordings go on for too long. Honing the talking points to a core few and improving the quality of information being delivered by these messages ensures that people can easily connect with a video and get more out of the experience.

Visible Measures wrote that it can be hard to keep the attention of viewers for more than a minute even if the information being conveyed is compelling and entertaining. Making these recordings mandatory for corporate compliance can help promote better adoption, but there may still be issues with getting the full message across to individuals who lack the attention span to make it through an entire video communication session as active listeners. Due to these restrictions, companies need to craft superior scripts to ensure that they're getting the best messages out there for corporate use.