January 18, 2012


LSU releasing video-based fitness plan for students’ benefit

The Louisiana State University Department of University Recreation recently announced plans to deploy a large-scale video-streaming program designed to inform and support students and the general public. The solution involves various instructional workouts pertaining to fitness and nutrition that are accessible to visitors to the recreation department's website.

Scott Belanger, assistant director of marketing and public relations at LSU UREC, explained that the program opens up new channels of communication between the recreation department and students, allowing the public to participate in a variety of fitness activities from any device with an internet connection.

Belanger pointed out that the program has become necessary to support students who have changing needs in a world that is much faster paced and demands more flexible content distribution.

These types of content programs are becoming more popular among businesses, as enterprise video solutions are emerging as ideal marketing, collaboration and training tools. To engage in such programs, organizations need to support their IT infrastructure with a content delivery network solution to ensure video reaches end users without performance issues.