January 30, 2013


Live streaming improves accessibility of town council meetings

While towns are often looking for ways to improve public involvement with council meetings and operations, there is no clear way to accomplish this. Every person has different reasons, from a lack of involvement to timing issues to a simple lack of interest. However, town governments can invest in technologies to eliminate some of these reasons.

One of the primary ways to improve the accessibility of meetings is to invest in video webcasting solutions. Since a meeting can’t fit every single citizen’s schedule, providing a live stream of it for those that can view it from home allows the public to at least be aware of the agenda. Many towns have implemented video solutions to improve citizen engagement, like Delta, British Columbia, which recently invested in a video content delivery platform to provide a live stream of regular meetings via its website, according to the South Delta Leader.

Town governments aren’t the only organizations that can benefit from video. A business can invest in enterprise video solutions to enhance operations and improve employee engagement. Video provides a clear improvement for business meeting needs that eliminates scheduling conflicts, provides an improved way to keep records of proceedings and even allows employees to view meetings from outside of the office with live webcasting.

Though video provides clear benefits for any organization that adopts it, it requires some investment as well. Heavy video use can create problems like traffic congestion within an IT network, and without the right approach, these issues could negate the benefits that video offers. By investing in a high-quality enterprise content delivery network, a business or local government can establish dedicated infrastructure for video that wont affect other aspects of operations, and improve the quality of streaming and video playback for all.