December 13, 2012


Live functionality makes a difference for video

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Corporate webcasting strategies that focus on enabling employees to watch live meetings present considerable advantages as part of an enterprise video platform. It may seem tempting to just record events and make them available later to those who cannot attend, saving the network from the burden of live webcasting, but the functionality offered by live webcasting is considerable, as real-time event viewing offers major advantages over watching content at a later time.

Increased immersion
A live event fosters a greater sense of immersion. When a viewer is watching something that is archived, he or she can rewind and fast forward as the mood strikes. This allows the individual to not pay complete attention and just rewind if something important is missed. At the same time, the person also does not have any way to interact with the presentation, possibly leaving questions or areas of confusion without resolution. Many webcasting solutions offer built-in social tools that make live events more engaging and can help participants get more involved in the content. This makes viewing the meeting live more immersive that watching it at a later date, giving more value to the event.

Better interaction
The social tools provided by webcasting also enable more meaningful interaction between in-person meeting participants and those attending virtually. This is essential from an immersion standpoint because it allows workers to interact with one another and participate in the meeting. This enables employees to add their insight and experience into the meeting, expanding on the content provided by the presenter. W people viewing the meeting later can give the person watching the event access to this information if it is included in the recording, that individual is not able to actively participate in the discussion. While a single person may not lose much because of this, the overall quality of the meeting declines when fewer people attend it live, making the ability to maximize interaction a key asset for video-based events.

Overcoming network limitations
While live webcasting enables more engaging meetings, it can create some network-related challenges. Having a video-specific network solution in place can help overcome these issues. An enterprise content delivery network, for example, can play a major role in this process by giving the infrastructure the ability to handle the larger data packets used during video transmission.