November 30, 2012


Learning center showcases webcasting as educational tool

The Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center recently announced plans to webcast an educational event detailing the benefits of using biofilters, Farm and Dairy magazine reported.

This effort showcases the value that webcasting tools have as part of an enterprise video program. While the Poultry Environmental Learning Center is not a major corporation using the technology internally, its efforts point out that video can play a key strategic role in helping an organization take a difficult concept and communicate it to the widest audience possible. This is a critical need in many businesses, as traditional meetings are often too limiting to prove entirely effective.

According to the news source, the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center is emphasizing this teaching experience on biofilters because the technology presents an important opportunity for many farmers, but is also complex. Biofilters have only been deployed sporadically and there is a great deal of variety in how they can be set up and used. However, they also filter particulates, gases and odors out of the air around a farm, eliminating smell-related nuisances and hazards. By webcasting the webinar, the organization is helping spread key information about the technology to a large audience in a simple way.

Businesses can learn a great deal from this webcasting project. When complex new policies, technologies or strategic ideas come into play, organizations can use webcasting to quickly educate workers on the importance and benefits of the new methodology. Using video is especially beneficial as more companies spread out into multiple branch offices and allow for more telework. Webcasting events enables engagement and social interaction for virtual attendees, creating a potentially more productive meeting than conference calls or similar events.