April 8, 2016


KONTIKI WEBCASTER: “Must-Have” Webcasting Features

KONTIKI-KONTIKI WEBCASTER Must-Have Webcasting Features

Having the lowest cost of ownership, Kontiki Webcaster is a fully self-service webcasting solution that has the most appropriately priced cloud-based platform, with no hidden fees. It provides all the essential webcasting features that offer the fastest deployment, accommodating thousands of employees instantaneously for one real-time event.

Here are the “Must-Have” webcasting features that we offer:

  • Highly Available – a guaranteed 100% reach to all employees during the live event. Employees will never miss a moment and will be able to use their smartphones and tablets to watch live events. Alternatively, those who missed the live event can later access it through Video on Demand.
  • Flawless Viewing – for faster, better and maximum engagement, our video webcasting experience offers the highest resolution with no graininess or pixilation. With no buffering (stops and starts) that might cause network drain or drop off from the viewers, flawless video communication will be available to all of your employees.
  • Infinitely Scalable – a cloud-based solution, it is easy to use and will automatically scale and operate your existing network without hardware or network upgrades.
  • Sophisticated Management Controls – with a management console that has real-time viewership tracking and analytics, the management function is designed for accomplishing distinct goals within an established timetable.
  • Safe and Secure – enterprise-grade security involving certification, authentication and encrypted transfers, we encode the transmission of data using secure socket layer technology (SSL). Viewed only by your target audience, the video is sure to be secured and protected.