March 4, 2015


Kontiki Webcaster: Meeting the Demand for the Complete Live Webcast Software


The demand for complete live webcast software is continually on the increase. Although there is numerous webcast software packages offered online, each comes with its own unique features and elements that are suitable for a number of distinct purposes.

All the “must-have” features that you are expecting from your live webcast software are incorporated in the Kontiki Webcaster. This software package can meet your complete live webcast software demands.

What is the Kontiki Webcaster?

The Kontiki Webcaster is the only limitless, self-service enterprise webcast software that provides an unrestricted cloud-based webcasting. It is one of the essential, enterprise-focused applications included in the Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite.

What sets the Kontiki Webcaster apart from other webcast software?

The Kontiki Webcaster is intended to uphold DIY, all-employee interaction. It is the only webcast software that is enhanced to solve the major difficulties of the enterprise network infrastructure.

One of the major factors to look for in webcast software is the number of participants it can accommodate. Most webcast software allows a limited number of participants in a webcast. For that reason, large companies will not be able to utilise it efficiently as they have many employees who need to participate in the webcast. This is where the Kontiki Webcaster comes into play.

The Kontiki Webcaster incorporates all the features needed by the enterprises, especially the bigger ones. It can accommodate over 200 participants in a conference and it can also handle unlimited participants, producers and events at low annual cost.

The other unique feature of the Kontiki Webcaster is that it can give every employee a complete, high quality webcasting experience which includes:

  • Self-Service Platform – The user-friendly and intuitive interface diminishes the demand for controlled service.
  • Interactive User Experience – The employees will be able to carry out polling, live Q&A, chat with viewers and other features that enable them to interact with the audience during the webcasts.
  • Highly Accessible – The live event can be accessed on any mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, it also features Video on Demand, allowing the employees to access the recorded video of the live event after it has taken place.
  • Built-in ECDN – This creates perfect webcasts that can engage all the employees in the enterprise with the help of Kontiki’s exceptional content delivery technology.
  • Customisable Screen Layout – This can be particularly designed for exclusive subjects and audiences. It makes sure that your webcast effectively exhibits your brand.
  • Slide Synchronisation – This enables you to sync your PowerPoint slides with video to increase the engagement of your webcast.


If you want to learn more about the Kontiki Webcaster, please complete the short form on our Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can reach us on 888-317-9283. Feel free to ask questions. We’d love to help you find the solution that would best suit your enterprise.