May 12, 2016


KONTIKI: The Video Platform That Aligns Everyone in the Company

Kontiki - The Video Platform That Aligns Everyone in the Company

The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform engages and aligns everyone in the company. As the vital component that fuses a distributed workforce, it is not only visual, it is also interactive and has unlimited offers and options:

  • Live and on-demand video delivery to all employees

Kontiki offers high quality live event broadcasting with unique delivery technology. It can connect with employees by effortlessly and efficiently broadcasting live, pre-recorded and archived Lync session videos, without losing video quality or affecting the network.

  • Live broadcast of all-hands meetings

Kontiki has 100% reach across the enterprise, providing high quality live events and on-demand video delivery. The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform allows superior live broadcasts, Video on Demand (VOD) and enterprise TV capabilities.

  • On-boarding, training and development

Kontiki guarantees consistency among new and existing staff.  We make sure that companies are able to save time and money by providing resources to staff as soon as they join. These resources include on boarding activities and video for businesses, which are far more effective than other methods of communication.

  • Social collaboration and engagement

Kontiki offers seamless integration with content management and social collaboration platforms, delivering more communication and engagement opportunities.