May 10, 2016


Kontiki SharePoint Integration Overview

Kontiki SharePoint Integration Overview

Kontiki for SharePoint enables a successful video platform experience that guarantees access to social collaboration and an engaging video viewing experience to all employees far and wide. SharePoint delivers high quality, persuasive video content that encourages employees to really use it rather than going to another video portal.

Companies can offer greater and higher reach and engagement by delivering excellent live and on-demand videos directly into SharePoint.

The videos can be uploaded by the publishers within the SharePoint environment. For other third party applications, the upload functionality will work in much the same way as the Kontiki Video Uploader.

iFrame Widget Overview

An iFrame Widget permits you to add any page within an iFrame tag to your site; we offer an iFrame widget option for content which was created in Kontiki’s VideoCenter portal. Using these widgets, you will have a simple way to make Kontiki content, live events or subscriptions accessible to users on the web pages they already have access to.

Kontiki offers three different iFrame widgets:

  • Player Widget – Inserts the Kontiki Video Player for a particular video content item
  • Channel Widget – Sets a list of videos from a specific VideoCenter channel
  • Tag Widget – This is related to a channel widget but the videos enumerated are those marked with one or more owner tags that users can identify


Kontiki HTTP API Overview

An API (application programming interface) is a set of procedures, protocols, processes and tools for building software and applications; it is easier to develop a program if you have a good API as it can deliver all the building blocks that are placed together by the programmer.

The Kontiki HTTP API offers a simplified way to play back video through Kontiki’s peer-assisted delivery technology. It can be played back from within your current company portal or any other third party platform that maintains the HTTP protocol.

Kontiki runs a local HTTP server to the calling application and player; it appears and performs like any other web-based HTTP server. This design allows continuous integration with existing applications, thus leveraging our delivery technology.

A scalable solution that companies need and trust, this enterprise video content management provides all the tools you need to make the most of any engagement from start to finish.

We offer existing corporate applications that provide various options for integration into existing enterprise applications.