March 18, 2014


Kontiki is Undisputed Cloud Leader in Enterprise Video Space

After a successful close of 2013, Kontiki cements its status as leader in cloud-based enterprise video applications and delivery

Sunnyvale, Calif. — March 18, 2014 — Kontiki, the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise video solutions, today announced its status as the only complete, scalable enterprise video platform that fully utilizes the cloud to enable unlimited use of video. With the Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite, companies have everything they need for internal video: delivery, webcasting, portal and integration capabilities—all through a completely cloud-based solution.

Changing the Dialogue: No Hardware, No Hybrid. Just Pervasive Video

With the advent of hybrid solutions for video, pure hardware solutions are a thing of the past. There are only two choices now: hybrid or cloud solutions. The Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite requires no hardware or bandwidth upgrades. It simply utilizes your existing network infrastructure, along with its proprietary delivery technology, to distribute flawless video across the extended enterprise. Unlike hybrid solutions, which offer a mix of software and hardware, Kontiki’s cloud solution is uniquely positioned to enable pervasive video.

As a cloud solution, the Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite helps businesses realize:

  • Scalability – Be up and running in weeks vs. months or years: deploy 75% faster compared to hybrid solutions.
  • Cost benefit – Requires no hardware or bandwidth purchase. Subscription-based pricing offers economical alternative at 50% of the cost of hybrid solutions.
  • Single vendor – No need to kluge together a bunch of disparate point solutions and partners.
  • Full integration – Comprehensive video solution with both webcasting and enterprise portal applications. Also Integrates easily with other third-party enterprise tools, such as Microsoft Lync®, SharePoint® and SalesForce®Chatter.
  • Unlimited use – Self-service applications make it simple for anyone in the organization to use, regardless of location.

Kontiki: A Breed Apart

With their recent announcement of new customers and continued product innovation, Kontiki further separated themselves from the pack of enterprise video companies offering hardware or hybrid solutions. The cloud-based Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite has been recognized and rewarded with business from some of the top brands in the world, all sharing a common desire to reach and engage their employees with video.

“We at Nestle are big believers in the power of enterprise video as a means to engage employees,” said Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Nestle. “Kontiki’s cloud-based video solution has played an integral role in helping us achieve our goal of making video pervasive across Nestle.”

“I recently read someone paid over $9 million for a hybrid solution,” said Dan Vetras, President and CEO of Kontiki. “It’s a travesty that anyone should pay that much money, when they can have a much better solution, deployed in one fourth of the time, for less than half the cost  with Kontiki.”


About Kontiki, Inc.

Powered by innovative technology, Kontiki pioneered the enterprise video platform and enterprise content delivery network markets, providing superior cloud-based content delivery and video applications across the enterprise. Kontiki’s video solutions enable consumer-grade video engagement with enterprise-grade control over video delivery for the world’s largest companies, including American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Nationwide and Nestle, serving nearly 2.2 million employees worldwide. Kontiki offers organizations the unique ability to globally deliver live broadcasts or video on demand to 100% of their employees, regardless of location, and to the full range of today’s business devices, including smart phones and tablets, without congesting networks or compromising video quality. Learn more about us at: