July 28, 2009


Kontiki Introduces Live Video Broadcasting for Better Business Communication

Groundbreaking Solution Reaches Every Desktop for Less than the Cost of a Webcast – Fast Deployment Schedule is Ready for Next Company Meeting

Sunnyvale, Calif. — July 28, 2009 — Kontiki, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise video delivery solutions, introduced today the Kontiki Live video broadcasting solutionfor the enterprise. For the first time, Kontiki makes it possible for mid to large size enterprises to take advantage of live video broadcasting for more effective corporate communication without expensive network bandwidth or hardware equipment upgrades. The groundbreaking solution provides delivery of high-quality, live video streams to every desktop and is technically proven to be fast, efficient and scalable at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches.

In today’s “always-on” environment, employees expect up-to-the-minute information that connects them to their companies and their leaders. Whether it be quarterly meetings, monthly townhalls, brief weekly updates or crisis communications – live video that is high-quality and frequent is increasingly being used to engage, inspire and educate employees in a timely way. Video realizes up to three times greater information retention than other media types, according to a Watson Wyatt Worldwide Communications study, andIDC predicts enterprise online video use to grow at an annual compounded rate of almost 50 percent over the next five years.

Leading analyst firm Gartner states that“an increasing number of businesses are using online video for internal corporate communications and training. However, few businesses have previous experience with online video and many network managers fear the burden that video delivery can place on a corporate network infrastructure.” 1

Eric Armstrong, CEO, Kontiki says, “The question isn’t whether or not to deploy video – the question is how are you going to deliver high-quality video to everyone in your company without spending millions of dollars upgrading your infrastructure? Kontiki is delivering for the first time a TV-like experience that is far more effective thantoday’s video conferencing or webcasting and far less expensive – it is the only practical option for most companies.”

Live video has traditionally been cost-prohibitive because it required significant WAN bandwidth upgrades and network hardware investments and can take years to deploy – and this doesn’t include additional maintenance time and costs. In many organizations where 90% of the workforce is in small and medium offices, it can be impossible to reach every desktop. For example, a large typical organization with 80,000 employees and hundreds of branch offices might spend $25-$30 million dollars upgrading their network to support video delivery to all employees.

Kontiki Live is a technology breakthrough achieved by the Kontiki patented peer-to-peer technology and can be deployed quickly in a matter of days. The system capabilities support multiple bit rates for live events, automatically detecting user connectivity and serving the appropriate live video stream without impacting the network. Kontiki’s video software is successfully deployed on over 500,000 desktops around the world.

Benefits across the organization include:

  • Live video communication channels reach every employee and can be used for a variety of applications, from all -staff meetings to targeted training or general corporate communications
  • Corporate communications groups gain detailed reportingto measure and track effectiveness, access controls, and targeted delivery options
  • IT departments maintain control over network configuration parameters, desktop applications, security features, and network usage metrics and reports
  • Employees enjoy easy-to-use video access via existing intranet portals, integrated into Outlook 2007, or as a separate KontikiMedia Manager application

To learn more about how video, in its different formats, such as live and on demand, is becoming ubiquitous in the enterprise, visit this industry-leading analyst webcast at http://www.kontiki.com/.

Pricing and Availability
Kontiki Live is available immediately for a usage-based pricing model that starts at 10 cents per user minute – less than the cost of a webcast. For more information click here.

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