March 24, 2009


Kontiki Achieves Major Milestones in Enterprise Deployments and Video Deliveries

More Than a Half-Million Enterprise Users Worldwide

Sunnyvale, Calif. — March 24, 2009 — Kontiki, Inc. the leading provider of enterprise video delivery solutions, today announced major milestones for its business and the adoption of its technology around the world.

Kontiki had its beginnings in Silicon Valley in 2000 and has since expanded to include a customer base of more than 500,000 enterprise users in over 170 countries worldwide. Customers include global organizations in the financial services, manufacturing, high technology, auditing and consulting services, and consumer goods industries with 2,000 to more than 100,000 employees globally.

In 2008, across Kontiki’s entire customer base, Kontiki successfully delivered more than 100 million videos and other large files securely and efficiently.

The solution that Kontiki provides to its enterprise customers includes Live Video Delivery, VOD Streaming, Video Downloading, DVR-style content reservations, and targeted Push-Delivery. Kontiki’s customer’s employees are able to discover and view video on a corporate portal, via email, or from a desktop media manager client.

The major breakthroughs of Kontiki’s solution are in four primary areas: the ability to deliver high quality video to the entire global workforce of an enterprise; a fast deployment schedule that is measured in weeks (not years); a software-based solution that does not require any hardware to be deployed or bandwidth upgrades to a customer’s network infrastructure; and will not impact existing business traffic on the corporate network.

Kontiki President Eric Armstrong says high quality video is far more effective, personal and engaging than traditional forms of corporate communication, like text email and voicemail.

“It’s challenging for business leaders to share a vision and effectively lead employees with only email or voicemail in their communications toolset. Video is a critical component for effective leadership and we are seeing huge demands for this capability,” Armstrong says.

About Kontiki, Inc.
Kontiki’s mission is to enable business leaders to communicate with their entire global workforce via the most personal and engaging communication method possible – high quality video to every employee’s computer.