April 26, 2012


Kontiki 8.0: Continuing Themes of Focus, Flexibility and Scalability on the Innovation Train

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

When it comes to product development, I often think of Kontiki as a fast moving train and we in product are the conductors, making sure we’re staying on track, continuing to push forward and offering our customers the best experience possible. Innovation is an important destination on this train and something we continually strive for.  As a testament to that goal, last night we successfully released version 8.0 of the Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform. This was a major release with a lot of value squeezed in. Highlights include a REST API for customer and partner integration, support for the h.264 standard for live streaming and SAML-based user authentication.

In November, I gave everyone a preview of what was to come in future releases. It’s now April, and I think we’ve stayed really true to our vision of creating more flexible and scalable options for our customers. This release puts us squarely on that path and sets us up for continued innovation that benefits not only our product, but more importantly, our customers and partners.

Momentum of the Innovation Train

And the train doesn’t stop with 8.0. For future releases, we’ll continue to roll forward the innovation train with a major update to our analytics, continuing momentum to offer flexible integration options with third party applications, including Microsoft SharePointTM, and enhanced platform support for Macs and mobile devices. In fact, we’re already well underway with these efforts and I’d like to share with you some progress we’ve made with our third party application integration efforts, but before I do that—let me provide you with some context that might explain why this direction is important.

Melcrum, the world’s leading membership group for strategic communicators, recently conducted a survey of internal communicators, which examined how to maximize employee engagement with video. Some important takeaways stood out from this survey, including the fact that Microsoft SharePointTM is the dominant employee portal solution and that video is seen as an instrumental part of any employee portal. Respondents indicated that employee engagement was the primary driver behind using video. The survey found that the “must have” capabilities when video-enabling an employee portal included: easy integration into an existing portal, ease of use, no impact to the corporate network, a quality viewing experience and the ability to reach every employee with high quality video. Seeing the results of this survey from the Maximizing Employee Engagement with Video report was great validation for us at Kontiki, as it speaks directly to the value we provide: a network-friendly, high quality video viewing experience that effectively reaches across the enterprise via our cloud-based delivery technology. It also reinforces our decision to focus on our third party integration efforts, especially with Microsoft SharePointTM.

Integration Examples

We’re really excited about the progress we’ve made on the integration front. Using native SharePoint Web Parts, we’re able to bring the power of Kontiki’s delivery technology right into SharePointTM. Our customers now have the ability to create hundreds of different Kontiki Video Players within the SharePointTM environment through our Video Player Designer Web Part.  A screenshot below shows the native Web Part:

This screen shot shows one part of the configuration where a publisher can specify what aspects of the viewing experience to enable:

In addition to SharePoint Web Parts, we also offer the ability to configure and obtain JavaScript Embed Code of our Video Player through the Kontiki Video Player Designer. Once a publisher has designed their custom Kontiki Video Player through our easy to use interface, they can take that embed code and integrate into any third party portal. The end result could look something like this:

It’s exciting to see it all come together and empower our customers with so many new options. What is most exciting is that our 8.0 release truly enables the proliferation of video within the Enterprise.  Stay tuned for more updates as we continue down the track…