July 19, 2012


Keeping content short vital to video success

The attention span of the average person is changing. The issue is not so much that people cannot focus for an extended period of time. Instead, most individuals will only choose to watch something for a short time and move on if it does not grab their attention.

According to a recent Business 2 Community report, companies engaging in an enterprise video plan have to consider this shorter attention span when developing their strategy. For guidance on the issue, they should look to presidential campaigns.

When U.S. presidential candidates speak to the public, they will do so with phrases that are specifically aimed to be short and memorable to grab a listener's attention and keep it. Similarly, video advertisements are kept to short, precise points that only take a minute or two to present, the report said.

A business using video for either internal communications, training or even marketing needs to stick to short messages that can be presented in a short time to grab an individual's attention and prevent him or her from tuning out before the important information has actually been described in full, the news source explained.

While keeping video short is relatively simple, making it interesting is slightly more challenging. The report said companies can accomplish this by focusing on a strong start to the content, making it visually striking and considering interactive activities that can stem from the video.

Finding success with an enterprise video platform starts on a technological level, but once the right IT systems are in place, it is vital that businesses also put the right kind of content into action. Video can revolutionize operations by encouraging employee engagement and improving internal collaboration, but achieving these goals is only possible if the content is able to reach audiences effectively.