March 22, 2012


IT facing more performance pressure

The combination of cloud computing, mobile device deployment and the rise of video traffic is making the network more important than ever in enterprise settings. In response, the need to deploy tools to solve specific content and data delivery problems is rising. According to a recent Channel Insider report, the need for improved performance is putting new pressures on almost every aspect of IT.

Specializations are at the core of this need for more performance. The news source explained the IT world is filled with specialized services designed to meet extremely specific needs. Not too long ago, many of these options may have seemed somewhat artificial. But the rising need for better performance to overcome increasing pressure within IT departments is making these specialized solutions that deal with various IT challenges, such as cloud computing, mobility and enterprise video streaming programs, extremely valuable.

Cloud computing is proving an ideal example of how more pressure is being put on IT departments. The report said the underlying virtual infrastructure and consolidated data center systems create inherent latency and complexity within the network because more data is being sent through less hardware. Furthermore, the nature of the data being sent through the network changes, making latency and dropped data packets a major problem, not just a minor hassle.

Video streaming and on-demand content create a similar problem to the cloud. In most enterprise networks, the system is designed to transmit large numbers of small data packets at optimal speeds. When video is introduced, like the cloud, larger data packets have to be sent through the network, easily using all of the bandwidth and creating major performance challenges for end users accessing video or traditional data content. Specialized solutions are becoming critical to solving this problem and can alleviate IT problems and enable video plans.