February 14, 2012


IT consolidation can create enterprise video challenges

Consolidating IT infrastructure into a single central data center is becoming more common among businesses with multiple branch offices. This allows them to more easily manage servers and other systems on a single site, but puts extra pressure on the WAN, which suddenly has to handle higher data throughput rates as employees depend on the network to access data and applications.

This issues is especially prevalent for organizations depending heavily on enterprise video systems, using the content format for employee training and engagement. Video can quickly use all of the WAN's bandwidth, leading to significant latency, dropped data packets and other performance disruptions.

To overcome this challenge without having to sacrifice the gains of consolidated IT architecture, companies can invest in enterprise content delivery network systems. This technology supports business video streaming plans by compressing content during transmission, allowing it to reach end users without needing as much bandwidth.

Using video is rapidly becoming more popular among businesses of all sizes because the content format is uniquely suited to engage employees. This makes it easier to manage a distributed workforce because it helps managers reach employees in a more meaningful way than emails, handbooks and other similar internal communications.