January 18, 2013


Internal communications can have heavy impact on business success

How successful a business is with its internal communications can greatly affect its success in general. Poor communications will slow down work processes and keep employees from working efficiently, while high-quality solutions will quickly show theirvalue by improving workflow and overall operations. However there area wide variety of options that companies have when looking to enhance communications, from live chat to VoIP. For businesses looking to improve quickly and efficiently, video communications may be the answer.

According to Employee Benefits, poor internal communications can be the biggestdetriment to employee engagement. It wastes money, time and effort ifemployees have to focus on getting a message across rather than utilizing the information to be productive. With communicationa key factor in both engagement and overall business success, businesses need to invest more effort into ensuring their employees are able to access and share information quickly and effectively, notjust between workersbut from the company to the individual as well.

Poor internal tools for the dissemination of information can stunt company growth, reduce positive behavior and break down workflow on a fundamental level. According to BizCommunity, implementing solutions to improve internal communications can have extremely high value with little cost. One such tool that will help is video, as it provides more thorough information in a single format.

Enterprise video provides a company with a single medium for content delivery that incorporates audioand visual elements in an easy-to-consume format. Rather than listening to a phone call or pre-recorded audio message and searching for relevant information on work servers, employees can see graphs and visual cues right in the message. Video also allows companies to record and deliver meeting content to remote workers more easilyor store it for later reference.

However, to successfully implement video solutions within the workplace, a business needs to invest in the technology to support it. A dedicated enterprise content delivery network will address many concerns regarding the adoption of video, such as bandwidth and network accessibility.

With the right video content delivery network in place, a business will be able to ensure high-quality video delivery without interrupting other needs for network infrastructure. This allows employees access to information without disrupting their work dayand improvesthe overall flow of information within the office.