October 29, 2013


Integrating new technology into video for business landscape

As the range of technology available to organizations continues to grow, companies are finding that their opportunities to interact with personnel and private citizens are constantly increasing. These resources make it easy for firms to interact with their staff no matter where they are and how often they need to connect with them, as these resources are able to easily bridge the gap between current, in-house events and wherever personnel happen to be at the moment. It’s best for businesses to find better outlets for connectivity that allow them to be flexible and personable with staff members and partners, as well as the general public.

There are a number of technologies that fit the bill in these categories, helping organizations bridge the gap between their current operations and the range of modern workforce that businesses now have to deal with. It’s easy for companies to interact with all their staff members and their varied target audiences when they have the right mobile opportunities and enterprise video solutions to come up with the proper interactive experiences for all their needs.

Incorporating new opportunities
As Tech Week Europe reported, the rise of technology and video communication in the workplace has resulted in an environment where it’s easier to integrate their various parts of the business team. There are more hardware options for gaining access to their staff members without losing the same quality of interaction that they would gain if they were to be in the same room at the right time for the meeting, message or other interaction necessary for corporate continuity.

Adding in more hardware opportunities is helping increase the reach of video communication, the source indicated. The rise of mobile tools like smartphones and tablets is helping bolster the signal that traditional computers and portable laptops previously created. Now that employees are willing and able to engage more readily with their bosses through video tools, it’s creating an environment where personnel are increasingly aware of corporate message and the latest goals of their employers.

Opening consumer doors
Specifically, companies are more in touch with their staff members than ever before. Because so many individuals are already using their own mobile tools to gain access to complex online networks and increasing their personal knowledge of smartphones and tablets, it makes sense for corporations to make use of these enhanced technology bonuses. In instances where there are better tools available for enterprise use that staff already understand, it makes sense that firms should implement assets that make use of these pre-existing insights.

On top of that, as the source pointed out that the integration of mobile devices into the business world is also helping bridge the customer service gap. As video communication tools are more easily accessed by personnel no matter where they are, it’s creating enhanced understanding and better-informed staff members that can serve their target consumer audiences far more efficiently. This helps reduce tension between employees and the general public, thereby promoting greater sales endeavors and improved relationships between clientele and personnel.

Getting people in touch
It’s not just consumer audiences that video communication tools are helping to integrate into the everyday flow of corporate workflow. The rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options has allowed corporations to save money as they take advantage of the hardware personnel already own. This allows corporations to promote their own software in an expensive, modern framework that they don’t have to pay for. Boosting security and ownership protocols can help reduce the chance of loss and theft, as well as allowing organizations to keep operating in free-to-use consumer devices in the enterprise environment.

This is helping video communication link employees at all levels of the corporation, as Business Spectator stated. The source indicated that recorded messages are also helping staff members promote connectivity and recorded interactions with CEOs and other high-level employees directly interact with people at the front lines of the sales process. This allows leaders to be more in touch with how customer service is going, as well as what consumers and employees want at the most basic revenue-generating points in the corporation.

The source indicated that mobile opportunities have helped enhance these great communication outlets. Smartphones and tablets let employees at every part of the organization ensure that they are aware of all the intricacies of corporate operations and know what they must do to stay abreast of changing business elements. By combining video communication outlets with BYOD solutions, better transparency and a far-reaching network that incorporates existing consumer and employee knowledge, it’s easy for firms to keep track of their operations, boost interactions and create a better overall working environment.