June 19, 2013


Integrating new ideas into communication with video for business

There are plenty of outlets for companies to interact with personnel. Forging better bonds and increasing¬†retention rates through speaking with employees through these channels is easy because they most often don’t rely on real-time interaction. Simply by creating the right methods for communicating with individuals, companies can ensure that they’re constantly building better employee engagement and personal connections with all their staff members.

By using video for business, companies can increase the effectiveness of these interactive networks. While social media on its own is good for sharing ideas and creating unique collaborative opportunities, firms must understand that, in order to garner the most positive input and engagement from their staff, they need to make visual and audio contact with their personnel on a regular basis. In order to facilitate this demand without putting in more time and effort than is reasonably optional, deploying video communication assets is ideal.

Honing in on connections
One of the ways organizations can be sure they target the right audiences in the office, be those personnel on-site or remote, is to offer them new and multimedia outlets for interaction. Combining technology like QR codes with video deployments allows businesses to ensure that all the necessary recordings are being viewed by the people who need to see them. What’s more, these options also make it simpler for companies to reach a broader spectrum of business-to-business clients through search engine optimization.

Adotas wrote that small businesses can raise their visibility and add more interesting experiences to their online offerings by creating versatile ways for people to interact with corporate content. The integration of QR codes is one of the most prominent, the source stated. This visual option can be printed on corporate materials in a way that makes them look like headers or water marks, but in reality these options make it simple for people to link the materials in front of them to a video communication asset that the issuing organization has designed to work in tandem with the overall deployment.

This move allows companies to seamlessly move into the mobile realm, as the source pointed out. The majority of devices used to capture QR code data are smartphones and tablets, as these devices have cameras built in and applications that support the processing of these visual elements. Companies should be mindful of how their enterprise video platforms work with mobile options before launching QR codes as part of their video schemes for this reason.

QR codes also facilitate engagement and motivation of personnel. Adotas mentioned that embedding contests in QR reads can help people feel more invested in these deployments. For instance, a company could set up a QR video communication code that rewards participating sales personnel for every 100 scans or so. Rewarding managers for getting their personnel to all watch corporate videos is another way of putting these codes to use.

Adding codes and visual links between videos and other data on an organization’s site will help ensure that the business gets itself noticed by competitors and interested clients alike. Simply by adding video communication elements to a website allows businesses to boost their visibility, as Fourth Source stated. By looking at the way Google ranks sites on general searches, companies can determine some of the best options to add to their pages in order to increase the likelihood of ranking higher on this popular search engine. The better a ranking, the greater the chance of being spotted.

Enhancing optimized video content
One of the easiest ways to commit to search engine optimization like this is through the addition of mixed media like video for business and QR codes. Fourth Source wrote that adding the title of “video” to a recording’s site can alert Google’s crawlers, programs that assess websites for organic content and help generate rankings, that the site itself should be placed higher on search query results.

Of course, the site also mentioned that it’s important that companies place their enterprise video portals appropriately on pages. That means ensuring that sites are clearly labeled in a way that differentiates business video from other kinds of site content. Though it may seem like a small thing to change on a page’s coding or the way it’s listed in page menus, it makes a significant difference in how the content is viewed by search engines.

This is similar to the way that QR codes can influence the way that personnel use corporate video tools. By controlling the way that people interact with corporate recordings, companies can ensure that they’re getting their message the most visibility and greatest engagement from workforce. Such deployments ensure better adoption rates from employees and get the business better return on their video investments.