August 2, 2012


Intangible consideration necessary to measure video ROI

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Developing and implementing an enterprise video program can help businesses take major strides forward in employee engagement, internal communication and education. While many of the revenue-related gains of these measures can be identified in monetary value, there are also many intangible benefits of a video program that have to be included when considering the return on investment.

Employee empowerment

You can tangibly measure the value of empowering your employees with the help of complex calculations that track employee productivity prior to the video program and then after. This is a somewhat limited measurement because productivity could be created by other factors. However, the intangible benefits of employee empowerment are much clearer.

One intangible gain of empowering workers is building the future leaders for your company. When your workers are given the opportunity to flourish, you will learn who is interested in moving up and who is content where they are. Furthermore, empowering employees through video training and meeting modules can give more ambitious or enterprising workers an opportunity to learn more about the industry and get much better at the work they do, preparing them for future leadership roles.

Empowering workers through video can also make them happier with their job, improving recruitment and retention.

Sense of community

In a sense, every business is a community. Within that environment, healthy professional relationships are critical to the ongoing success of a company. Video’s ability to facilitate internal communication and help employees express themselves professionally through user-created content can create a genuine sense of community in which workers appreciate one another and the office environment as a whole.

The revenue generated by this kind of community cannot be measured. It may include reduced travel costs because video streaming can be used for meetings, but it also has to do with workers who are happier on a day-to-day basis, a better work and life balance because office relationships are more meaningful and employees who may be interested in developing a career with a company, not just using it as a stepping stone job.

Video drives employee engagement, but it can also empower workers and create a genuine sense of community within companies. To make the most of video for such purposes and gain an intangible ROI, it is vital that you make any networking investments to support video use. Otherwise, the technology could get in the way of the intangible gains that are otherwise so valuable.