January 29, 2013


Inside Out: Kontiki Integrates with Brightcove

By Mike Merit – VP of Customer Success

One of biggest challenges our customers have is managing both internal-facing and external-facing videos. Ultimately, their employees should be able to view both, while the public should only be able to see external facing video. Some of Kontiki’s customers use Brightcove to manage their external-facing video. Online platforms like Brightcove specialize in external-facing video and have a multitude of useful features such as social sharing, integrated advertising, marketing analytics, and more. Untill recently managing the two types of videos (internal-facing and external facing) meant our customers had to publish videos twice: once into Kontiki and again into Brightcove. At the urging of our customers, Kontiki and Brightcove have bridged the gap and created an easy way to sync internal-facing and external-facing videos, with the net result that customers need only publish videos once

So how do we do it? Here’s how the process works:

1. A publisher adds a video to Brightcove and tags it with “Kontiki”
2. Kontiki automatically imports the video and associated meta data into Kontiki Video Center
3. Later edits to the meta data of any Kontiki – tagged video in Brightcove are automatically synced with Kontiki Video Center.

On the back end we’re using our powerful REST API combined with Brightcove’s API’s to accomplish this. It’s another great example of how flexible Kontiki has become since our full API set was released.

Are there other integrations you’d like to see? Would you like us to setup a Brightcove integration for you? Want to know how it works in more detail? Let me know!