March 11, 2013


Innovative video solutions taking shape in enterprise actions

Video is one of the most innovative, flexible solutions companies have in their repertoires for simultaneously boosting visibility and employee engagement. The combination of different elements of technology like social media, cloud networking and online video platforms is allowing businesses to share their ideas on a personal level in a fast, efficient manner. This in turn has created an environment where the flow of knowledge passes and is welcomed more readily.

Identifying video value
One of the greatest assets of video communication is its ease of access. However, not all platforms are great providers of video content, and some organizations may struggle or fail to meet their expected potential due to a lack of inadequate resources. In response, some companies are looking for better partners or usage strategies, while others have turned to making better versions of these tools themselves.

The Suit Magazine stated that video communication is becoming a more critical aspect of corporate and educational realms all the time. The need to share concise messages in an effective way is made easier and more ubiquitous by the addition of video tools. However, not all of the resources needed to produce these videos are easy to obtain and use. The source pointed out that many manufacturers price their enterprise video tools more expensively than they should, leading companies to abandon these initiatives or overspend on devices that they could procure for a much lower price.

Understanding how video communication works and how to most easily create the right kind of footage can help companies save money without cutting corners. Learning about the processes and devices needed to create video for business can take some time, but the rewards are well worth it, the source stated. Whether organizations are trying to teach their employees about a new software asset or a school is looking to provide information on some of its offerings, video for business lets these organizations do so in a controlled manner that they can repeat over and over again. Unified messages like these ensure consistency throughout the organization, and a video guide can also boost accuracy for new deployments.

Making use of better video tools
Business 2 Community wrote that integrating video platform tools into the workplace provides employees with the voice and impact they need to feel like a part of a community, rather than a mere worker in a large company full of them. These assets can share ideas and feelings from a specific event, press release or corporate rollout in a far more engaging and personal manner than any other form of communication.

The face of these efforts needs to be the employees themselves, as Business 2 Community reported. The most effective video communications are those made by real workers and addressing the same group, not solely executives and upper management. This is ideal for corporate functions and parties or even regular work activities, as the source stated that these tools can then be used for internal communications or even recruitment purposes. Putting a staff member on camera is a great opportunity for that person – as well as the company the individual represents – to make a far-reaching positive impact on a wide potential audience.

Helping employees shine
Staff involvement is an excellent application of innovative video communication and engagement, as it lets people see who really works at the organization and creates a more personal relationship. As Business 2 Community stated, even if viewers simply see real employees doing what they do, it can make a strong positive impression on viewers. This also includes internal messages, which can be best used by featuring exemplary employees or pointing out new benefits for personnel.

When companie release these videos in a customer-facing forum, even if only to help bring on more talent, they should also start considering what consumers want to see. This applies to audiences of all kinds, though each may have a slightly different connection to the material. That might alter the overall message and tone, but the best videos are those that can be applied to a multitude of audiences, Search Engine Watch reported.

The most important aspect of making more innovative video tools, the source stated, is to ensure that they have a provocative call to action. Sharing a message for its base value is acceptable for strictly academic purposes, but even teachers in educational settings need to try and find ways of getting people interested and energized. While putting a call to action at the end of a video is something that is already practiced in print and other media, Search Engine Watch wrote that putting that same message in a video context will help engender a much more substantive response to the call.