April 23, 2012


Innovation among key needs in enterprise video market

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

Finding success with an enterprise video strategy can present a business with engaged workers who have a better understanding of the organization as a whole, which in turn boosts productivity and creates significant potential for revenue expansion. But there is a dark side to video, involving frustrated employees, angry executives and significant costs – all the result of network systems and strategies that stifle effective content delivery. In order to avoid the pitfalls that come with a video investment, companies need to focus on innovation on technical and operational levels.

When working to develop innovative processes in the enterprise, finding providers that share an ambitious vision is essential. To identify vendors that are focused on innovation, look no farther than the Best of Interop finalists. Jennifer Jessup, Interop general manager, explained the focus of the awards, which recognize the best exhibits at the upcoming Interop Las Vegas Conference, is on innovation and the ability to move industries forward into the future.

“The Best of Interop awards program supports Interop’s goal of fostering innovation within the business technology marketplace. Each Best of Interop finalist should be proud of their unique contributions to the industry. It’s exciting to recognize the accomplishments and innovations of the companies who are truly making advancements in business technology,” said Jessup.

The Best of Interop finalists are decided by a combination of Interop experts and InformationWeek Reports, the research branch of technology publication InformationWeek. The awards are meant to reward the IT vendors that put the emphasis on innovation, especially this year, as the tech industry is seeing significant changes and countless new needs have emerged.

Video is one key area of need. In the past, the focus has been on posting video online, for marketing and similar functions. But with video becoming more popular, a shift toward enterprise video programs has taken place, with internal content emerging as a key tool for organizations in almost every industry.

As one of the Best of Interop finalists, Kontiki has been recognized as an innovator leading the enterprise video industry forward. With a focus on providing networking systems that make smooth and cost-effective video delivery possible, Kontiki is equipped to meet one of the most troublesome needs of the industry. The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform has been nominated in the cloud computing and virtualization category, recognizing the company’s efforts to deliver a product that can not only solve current video problems, but is also ready to bring companies into the video age, which will develop as cloud computing and virtualization become mainstream.