February 27, 2014


Increasing communication through video for business

The more outlets companies have for communication, the easier it is to get people onboard with various ideas and corporate initiatives. However, not all forms of interaction offer the same flexibility and clarity of message as others. It’s important for corporations to generate the lines of interaction that are most beneficial to business engagement and employee connectivity, thereby providing a superior level of communication across all enterprise networks.

Representing recordings
The presence of video assets in the work environment is having a significant impact on how people communicate with one another regarding a variety of topics. Recorded information combines a face-to-face experience with evergreen content that can be applied to personnel now and in the future. Creating such a resource allows corporations to increase their effectiveness, generate a consistent internal message and help the firm save money.

Some of the key areas of video communication enhancement include:

  • Training and education
  • Employee onboarding
  • Talent management
  • Career planning
  • Corporate culture

The wide variety of different areas where video for business is applicable is helping this technology gain significant market value. According to a study from the International Data Corporation, the worldwide value and presence of a video communication assets has seen positive growth in 2013, with positive outlooks for the future as well.

The report showed that the last part of 2013 was responsible for more than $590 million revenue for those few months alone. The whole year showed a revenue total of $2.26 billion, with experts stating it’s likely that these figures will continue to grow throughout 2014.  Though this period saw a reduction in overall financial boost compared to previous periods, much of this was due to global economic issues that made IT spending reduced across most sectors.

“Interest in video and collaboration technology and applications helped the quarterly revenue numbers in three out of four major regions,” said Rich Costello of IDC.

International video communication assets allows companies to connect more easily with the business connectivity that best suits their collaborative needs. The source indicated that companies are investing in assets that help them increase their reach while also saving money. By combining the power of enterprise video solutions with lower-cost benefits, it’s easy to see the value of recorded assets for business use.

Finding best options
That’s part of what has helped various video communication tools gain traction in the last year, as TechTarget pointed out. The source indicated that there have been substantial growth factors present in enterprise video landscapes thanks to the availability, flexibility and ubiquitousness of corporate recorded assets.

Resources like online streaming media and high availability of social network outlets is allowing companies to make more use of the kinds of hardware and software organizations already own. Combining the presence of modern, in-house technologies with new video communication assets makes it easy for companies to take advantage of these kinds of tools without spending more money. At the same time, getting video resources that compliment existing infrastructure makes it easy for personnel to make use of these tools, as people will already be familiar with what these resources can do and how to use them.

TechTarget added that the growing variety of video resources is helping companies find the tools that work best for them. By combining the power of enterprise video solutions with expanding technological opportunities, it’s easy for corporations to take advantage of the resources that make the most sense for each firm.