April 16, 2014


Increase online presence through targeted enterprise video solutions

The right kind of message can make all the difference in creating a fluid business environment or boosting visibility of a brand. The key in most situations is to focus on the kinds of tools that offer the best return on investment, those that feature flexible resources and generally cater to the broadest possible cross section of target audiences.

Even though the viewing landscape continues to change, enterprise video solutions continue to cross boundaries and bridge gaps that once were unthinkable in the corporate landscape. The rise of modern networking and corporate infrastructure facilitates better integration of cutting-edge technology that works in favor of fluid business experiences. What’s more, with the rise of new devices in the hands of employees and shoppers alike, it’s even more important than ever that companies seek out options that aren’t held back by compatibility problems.

Video for business accomplishes this feat through targeted enterprise video portals. These databases have endpoint access on a number of fronts that cater to various hardware by generating unique, uniform software options. Because these assets are often hosted in a cloud environment, companies can make use of ubiquitous technology and basic operational resources to ensure that the broadest array of target devices are able to connect with the enterprise platform.

Identifying opportunities
As Streaming Media Online stated, the rise in diversity of corporate hardware and user endpoints is putting enterprise video portals through their paces. Where organizations once had a huge amount of control regarding the kinds of tools employees used to access business content, now firms are trying to expand their operations and increase connectivity by catering to all kinds of devices.

The source noted that this includes a huge array of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets thanks to the integration of bring-your-own-device options in the corporate landscape. These initiatives allow companies to save money while increasing collaboration and connectivity by allowing all tools to tap into the same apps. Cloud hosting expedites the ease of use with which organizations can interact with clients and employees, thereby generating a greater potential chance of success.

Streaming Media added that cloud resources are increasing the range of virtual private networks, improving the range of fixed connectivity options. The presence of on-demand content is perfectly in tune with the needs and rapid throughput capabilities necessary for organizations to make best use of their enterprise streaming video. Cloud computing assets in this framework also allow for better management and oversight of corporate video communication, making it easier to gain access to recordings on the consumer side and simpler for corporations that must cultivate and curate video libraries online.

Expanding audiences
At the same time that organizations increase the availability of enterprise video solutions, they also enhance the ways in which this content can be manipulated and amplified in terms of visibility and usage. Instead of just allowing recordings to lie dormant in the archives of corporate cloud storage, there’s far greater opportunities to be had in the realm of linking people together.

This is achieved by allowing enterprise video portals to be compatible with online interfaces and social media options, as The Press-Enterprise stated. There are many ways to get the message out about custom video communication, but the best ones facilitate and ease the connection between corporate content and social media availability. That means generating recordings that appeal to users, as well as using cloud computing to launch these messages in dynamic ways. Incorporating concepts like keyword tagging, annotation and description resources and providing summaries of videos allows for easier sharing and greater return on investment.