May 3, 2013


Improving marketing messages with video communication

Getting people to look at printed and graphics advertising messages can be difficult. There is a wide array of content consumers are being presented with all the time, so getting more attention than any other ad or image on the internet could be a challenge for some organizations. Thinking outside the box and creating unique marketing messages may take more than a simple email or page-topper ad. Many firms are finding that integrating video communication into their sales strategies can pull in more consumers and spark interest in a way that makes them open to new product information.

A more personal ad
One of the things that video communication lends to advertising that print messages can’t deliver is the ability to begin a personal relationship with a viewer. As opposed to a written ad, a video tool allows companies to put a human face on their services and engage people before they even visit a website or enter a store. Combining this solution with traditional marketing delivery methods can boost the success rate of these offerings, making video and email a perfect pairing.

Startup Smart wrote that combining video communication and email options can bring more people to a company’s website than just sending out electronic graphics. Email has long been a staple of online corporate advertising, but in recent years, the number of online businesses has made this form of marketing seem mundane to many consumers. Offering something new to them will create more interest and likelihood that people will be willing to pay attention to what a company has to say. It also evidences that these organizations are thinking in a modern, progressive manner, something that many clients may see as a desirable attribute in firms that they are still considering partnering with.

Generating deeper leads
The source stated that email marketing can engage customers with newsletters and sales information. This is a useful “in” for corporate messages, but video communication can provide a more personalized, engaging interaction for consumers that’s likely to get them interested enough to spur a click-through, at least.

The use of video communication integration into corporate sales emails allows businesses to enjoy a significant return on investment. As Startup Smart pointed out, applying advertising money to search engine signal boosting and AdWords options can cost firms up to $3,000 a month and may not guarantee the kind of visibility that businesses need to make these projects profitable. Video tools on the other hand are much less expensive to acquire and can be used continuously to update consumers on a variety of topics.

The social experience
What’s more, these options can be viewed and shared at much less the cost, creating a large potential for consumers themselves to become the main engines of advertising. The ability to share videos on social media sites and access them through mobile channels creates an even greater earning potential for businesses that invest in video tools. Simply creating a video and sending it to the organization’s email list creates a spark that may result in widespread viewership across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The impact of a more social corporate message is enhanced not only through the use of media outlets like these but also by generating more human interaction. The National Law Review wrote that a study by Scientific American showed making eye contact with people makes them more receptive to the information being shared with them. In terms of advertising, this could mean consumers are less likely to get tired of an advertising pitch because they’re being visually engaged from the moment the recording starts. The source wrote that people who can make eye contact are less likely to take a hostile bent toward the message being delivered, and though video communication only allows them to make eye contact with a recorded person, it still could help make these messages more accessible to people.

The National Law Review also stated that more people are now working remotely, engaging online and relying primarily on email to communicate with one another. This text-based system allows for the easy transmission of basic information, but it fails to convey any emotion. Adding this human edge to communication is something that enterprise video solutions are ideal for supplying. Even if it’s just a regular check-in from the workplace or a new corporate culture update, businesses should be making use of video tools already to facilitate their ever-diversifying workforces.

Finding better ways to connect with clients and personnel are among some of the advantages afforded by video communication. Adding these kinds of recorded content to email marketing will help make advertising messages more effective and potentially spurring more consumer interest. Targeting technologies that provide more engagement is an ideal solution for businesses trying to boost revenue and make more effective use of marketing campaigns.