January 16, 2012


Improving employee engagement through strong business video practices

As enterprises look to compete in a rapidly evolving global marketplace, more companies are adopting business video than ever before. While web-based multimedia is not necessarily a brand new service, enterprise content delivery networks are gaining traction. Businesses can use these services to improve engagement among their employees, especially with respect to immediate delivery of information.

REELSEO recently published an article that explained some of the ways in which viral videos can be used in successful marketing campaigns, and many of the tips can also be applied toward internal business video creation and deployment. The piece included an interview with Erik Qualman, an expert in the field.

“Keep your video under five minutes, preferably to a minute to less,” Qualman told the news source.

“In Enchantment, author Guy Kawasaki displayed data from research firm Visible Measures that showed 19.4 percent of viewers abandoned a video within the first 10 seconds, and by 60 seconds 44 percent had stopped viewing. Lead with your most eye-popping content to gain and hold viewer attention,” he added.

According to IT Business Edge, content delivery networks that use cloud technology to manage large amounts of data are becoming increasingly affordable as the technology evolves. Because of the falling cost of these systems and the proven efficacy of potential uses, such as business video, experts believe this technology will continue to gain popularity among enterprises in 2012.