February 11, 2014


Improve hiring practices with video for business

When it comes to bringing people onboard, it’s necessary to make the right decision. Hiring is an expensive process and businesses need to be sure that the people they’re adding to their workforce are reliable enough and will perform to the desired standard once onboarding is completed. If firms can’t rely on their personnel, there could be issues with generating revenue or maintaining engagement that can have significant impacts on the viability of a firm.

Ensuring success through technology
Companies need to be sure that the people they hire are reliable and realistic choices for what drives an organization. This can be difficult when trying to balance corporate expansion with safe decision-making standards, as it’s often hard to draw a line between the two that allows for balanced outcomes. The best way to ensure that companies are hiring the right people is evolving to take technology into account, generating superior methods of interaction such that firms are more capable of making informed and reliable decisions about their hiring decisions.

Video for business has opened the door to better staffing practices for many organizations. Integrating recording technology allows HR personnel to see the presentation and personality of a potential employee without ever having to interact with personnel on a tangible basis. This allows for more remote hiring processes, as is taking off while companies try to expand and save money.

Saving time and money
Considering how expensive bringing on a new staff member can be, it’s necessary for firms to be certain of their hiring decisions. There are a variety of challenges that any hiring process can encounter, but generating enhanced interactions with candidates before making an onboarding choice makes for superior outcomes in most instances. The viability and flexibility of enterprise video solutions allows companies to boost the signal strength between their candidates and their ongoing corporate endeavors without risking inappropriate hiring practices.

As CIO Online wrote, video communication outlets are allowing enterprise video solutions to bridge the gap between in-house operations and remote hiring decisions. The point of these tools is to help businesses remotely engage with job candidates and create superior interaction options for all parties involved. Whether a person is across town or on the other side of the world, organizations can make better informed decisions about who they’re bringing into the fold by talking to individuals and watching video communication that grants facetime without demanding travel.

Putting regular interview questions into the form of a video for business distribution helps companies get uniform responses to the issues they feel are most important to the onboarding decision process. The source indicated that it’s easy for a company to create a single deployment that incorporates all the regular thoughts and ideas a business might throw at a candidate during a face-to-face engagement, but this method saves a considerable amount of time and money. Instead of bringing everyone into the office and spending hours setting up times with individuals, HR hiring managers can review video communication resources submitted to them at their leisure. This makes for easier time management for existing personnel and streamlines the hiring process.

Engaging better audiences
Best of all, the video for business landscape helps companies see how tech-savvy potential hires already are. Since these employees will be working remotely to begin with, it’s important to the viability of these possible staff members that they show their abilities using recording technology and corporate interfaces. This will indicate to firms how capable people are regarding the tools businesses prefer, helping to further narrow down the hiring race in some cases.

Taking the frustration out of the hiring process allows internal staff and potential hires to experience a much more streamlined engagement process. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the situation, from each applicant’s work to watch enterprise video deployments to the corporate process of watching and selecting various videos to set apart from the rest of the herd. It’s much simpler and offers better time management at all points in the onboarding procedure for businesses to work on their video communication assets rather than relying on older means of interviewing and decision-making.

Marlin Finance added that video communication is predicted to keep making these kinds of positive inroads in the hiring and staffing management process for years to come. The source cited a study by TechNavio that stated these kinds of enterprise video solutions are expected to grow by almost 16 percent in the corporate landscape between 2012 and 2016. This will provide firms with more access and greater visibility among employee groups and potential candidate pools.

What’s more, there’s a better chance that firms can enhance their insight into the lives and habits of their applicants, generating greater sustainability of online and remote workforce as well as more connectivity for internal management. This helps enhance efficiency and collaboration across traditional enterprise lines, thereby making operations more fluid and efficient at all points in the corporate process.