February 20, 2014


Improve employee mental prowess with enterprise video solutions

As people find new ways to interact and software that helps them learn, businesses are challenged to put these assets to work in ways that offer employees the best benefits. This kind of implementation helps not only the individuals involved in training and coaching endeavors, but also can boost revenue and retention thanks to producing a more skilled workforce. It’s important for organizations to understand the applications available to them and how to best use these resources, making these tools viable and valuable to corporate operations.

Telling people how to do things can give them a basic idea of how a task is performed, but showing personnel what to do will make them much more proficient at necessary tasks and when using enterprise software. Video communication gives leaders the chance to impart hands-on experience while conveying ideas behind various uses of solutions in a way that makes these resources more appealing to personnel. The end result is a workforce that’s more in tune with what businesses want them to do and have a superior grasp of corporate systems. This will assist them in smoothly completing tasks, generating faster, better outcomes and producing superior customer service interactions.

Improved faculties
According to News Medical Online, a study by the American Academy of Neurology showed that watching video for business resources that showed off how to do simple tasks and perform work activities helped people improve their prowess in more than just the enterprise realm. The source wrote that a series of MRI studies showed that people who engage in video communication for training experience more brain activity and can perform at an elevated level as compared to people who aren’t given these benefits.

“Our study lends credence to the idea that even as an adult, your brain is able to better learn skills just by watching the activity take place,” said head researcher Paolo Preziosa. He added that the proliferance of tools like smartphones, tablets, computers and enhanced network options is allowing companies to make better use of video communication as well, so it’s important to focus on the benefits this technology has to offer.

TechTarget added that there are far more options available for establishing and maintaining enterprise video portals. This can help organizations generate their own custom content that enriches employee experiences by conveying through video for business exactly what organizations need personnel to know.