December 30, 2014


Immersed employees lead to satisfied clients

Company executives have been known to link employee engagement to a slowdown of production and general performance. In the short term, a little bit of time allocated toward a worker’s satisfaction could certainly take away from time spent on work. However, in the long term, most researchers seem to agree that this strategy is well worth the time. A happier employee is more motivated to work efficiently. They are more likely to feel like they are an important part of a team. They view work more as a worthwhile responsibility instead of a tedious action.

These business leaders are continuing to develop new ways to boost employee engagement in the age of the digital workplace. Sometimes, it’s as simple as allowing a moderation of beer and banter during office hours. Other times, it’s more technologically involved. Internal social networks are becoming more popular at workplaces across the globe. Alternative forms of messaging are also gaining steam.

Through a wide range of these digital developments on a number of different platforms, enterprise video is becoming a key part of the equation. Whether it’s by emails, training tutorials or live streams, employers are increasing employee engagement with more frequent use of video.

Study connects employee engagement to customer satisfaction
Answers Corporation, a provider of cloud-based customer solutions, conducted analytical research on the retail sector and found a direct link with worker engagement and customer satisfaction. The investigation intended to also find a bond between employee engagement and a company’s bottom line results.

The research focused on the retail industry, but Answers noted that it can also be connected to other sectors, all of which could benefit from an increase in video use during working hours.

“While we focused on the store-based retail sector for this initial examination, our linkage analysis can be applied to any business, across any industry, as long as its success is predicated on motivating customer-facing employees to drive bottom-line results,” said Eric Feinberg, senior director of product strategy for Answers.

Pharmaceutical company recognizes evolution of workplace
Bal Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company in India, seems to understand that the role of human resources departments has changed over the years, according to the Financial Express.

“There is competition between the companies for top hires,” Bhavin Mukund Mehta, director of Kilitch Drugs India, told the news source. “Demand for talents made it necessary to have something which will make the employee feel attached with the employer. [The] employee should be highly absorbed into the organizational culture and enthusiastic to work.”