September 13, 2012


Hybrid meetings could be the future of business gatherings

The rapid rise of enterprise video programs that include webcasting and other advanced functions are creating an environment in which organizations can hold hybrid meetings that feature in-person and virtual components. According to a recent study delivered, in part, by the Meeting Professionals International Foundation, approximately 93 percent of meeting professionals are able to exceed their expectations for events when using hybrid formats to support gatherings, Successful Meetings reported.

Gary Weis, CEO of the video solutions provider that worked with the Meeting Professionals International Foundation on the study, explained that the survey’s evidence that hybrid meetings are effective is backed up by the demand among the organization’s customers for video technologies designed specifically to enable hybrid meetings and similar events, the report said.

“We firmly believe, and the results of the survey corroborate, that hybrid events will play an important role in the future of meetings … We’ve seen firsthand how early adopters of hybrid meeting strategies have expanded the impact and reach of their events, creating deeper attendee engagement and valuable online knowledge while contributing meaningful ROI,” Weis said in the study, according to the news source.

The survey found that while meeting professionals are generally satisfied by the results of hybrid meetings, they also look at the process as an important part of the future. Approximately 70 percent of those polled said they consider hybrid meetings as a system that will play a key role in meeting strategies moving forward, while 50 percent consider the content created in hybrid meetings worth saving and making available on an on-demand basis, Successful Meetings explained.

Cindy D’Aoust, COO and interim CEO for the Meeting Professionals International Foundation, told the news source that the facts gathered by the survey verify what many meeting industry experts have known for a while – that the ability to make gatherings more accessible through webcasting and other hybrid methods is an invaluable option for businesses.

Webcasting is among the most popular technologies for hybrid meetings, as it is capable of offering an accessible foundation for video while still meeting performance demands. Successfully using webcasting and similar technologies for internal video can enable organizations to make the most of their events by ensuring information gets to as many employees as possible in a manner that is more engaging than many other hybrid meeting formats.