July 7, 2014


How video for business is saving social advertising

The presence of enterprise video solutions in myriad different business outlets is making this technology prevalent throughout the business landscape for communication and collaboration. This is also helping firms expand their spheres of influence, helping corporations reach employees, stakeholders and shoppers alike with their recorded content. Such ubiquitous corporate voice makes a uniform brand presence and reinforces loyalty among target groups.

However, there are also new and emerging opportunities for firms to improve their current operations and potential experiences. The availability and viability of modern technology is helping expand the sphere of influence that corporate recordings have to offer, as well as providing new opportunities to create new connections for enterprise purposes.

Learning the technology
One of the most dynamic and promising opportunities for enterprise video solutions is the social media landscape. This technology has a growing ubiquity in consumer and corporate landscapes, providing accessibility on traditional devices and mobile solutions alike. The flexibility of enterprise applications allows firms to host their own portals and provide targeted delivery services, as well as breaking out of old-fashioned network settings to engage with entirely new audiences.

Social media offers firms the opportunity to create an organic, intuitive experience for employees and shoppers alike. A recent Gallup poll showed that one-third of all purchasing decisions are made with social interactions playing some or much of the final decision on what to buy. In order to take advantage of these numbers and increase the importance of these options, it’s important for companies to understand why mobile and social interactions are most influential.

As Tech Zone 360 stated, there are a few big reasons behind this shift. Here they are:

1.) It’s flashier
In journalism, the saying goes “if it bleeds, it leads.” The idea here is that the more shocking and dynamic a story is, the more likely it is to grab a viewer’s attention. This same idea is what’s driving a large portion of modern video communication success.

Fast Company stated that GoPro, the portable, durable, action-oriented recording device, is making major inroads to creating action-packed enterprise recordings. Everything from snowboarding and base jumping to swimming, surfing and even basic social outings is put into the lens of the camera and attached to a corporate message.

Such opportunities make even a mundane enterprise video communication into something sharable. It’s more of an experience than just an interaction with corporate content. New media is something that’s shared not only for its business presence but also for simply being cool and flashy.

2.) It’s more personal
The new media message that Fast Company mentioned is also what’s driving a new era of emotional, inspirational and personalized messages for enterprise video communication. On top of that, GoPro especially has opened up a landscape where personalized content can be shared at the enterprise level. This gives users more impetus to make cool movies, share them with corporate social outlets and drive more business presence through their own GoPro experiences.

High quality personal recordings meet with full-on corporate recordings to create custom, motivational messages that have more impact than traditional enterprise video solutions. Video for business therefore is evolving from a content-driven deployment into something more abstract and emotional. This helps create a more human face for an organization, thereby boosting relationships and retention by presenting a new way of looking at enterprise operations.

3.) It’s flexible
Whether companies want to say something about a specific product or the organization as a whole, video for business in the social landscape is able to meet any range of demands like these. Business 2 Community reported that a MediaBrix study looked at engagement and completion on individual click rates associated with these kinds of endeavors, noting that over 90 percent of viewers provide a positive experience for corporate success and individual relationship management.

“We’re essentially capturing consumers’ attention while they choose to embrace a brand’s message,” said Dan Levin of ViralGrains. “As a result we are measuring substantially above-average KPI performance on metrics, from social sharing to actual purchase behaviors.”

As with GoPro, the social landscape offers customization of corporate players and enterprise video portals, driving people from public social sites like Facebook and Twitter to use private business deployments to complete a request to see a recording. Placement of video for business can result in more viewership, greater receptiveness and enhanced user participation in situations where people have a choice as to what content they can engage with.

Producing a more transparent, intuitive operational landscape allows viewers to more easily access corporate content. Social media provides even greater visibility and promotes a sharing experience, wherein a basic video experience is easily boosted in terms of prominence. The more a recording makes a real connection, provides flashy or motivational content and drives user interaction, the greater the success a corporation can experience from using these tools.