August 13, 2013


How federal program could take advantage of video tools

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that major organizations face is how to successfully convey important information to staff, partners and the general public. Failing to deliver information in a timely and concise fashion creates significant communication problems that companies have to struggle to overcome. Specifically, when financial reporting or future outlooks are dispersed to team members and clients, it may appear that things aren’t as good as people previously thought for the organization. Even if that’s not the case, the lack of video communication could have a significant impact on the way this information is received.

The bigger financial picture
A recent streaming video from Fox News discussed the confusion surrounding a recent announcement from the Federal Reserve that struggled with the exact issue. The federal banking authority released a statement saying that tapering and rate changes would bring positive changes to the U.S. economy by the end of the year. However, the announcement of potentially negative impacts in the interim before these alterations become official caused the stock market to plunge to its lowest level since June of this year.

The streaming business video featured Mike Novogratz of Fortress Investments Group who said that the Federal Reserve is facing a significant communication issue in trying to balance market fears with conservative rate improvement. However, the current announcement didn’t portray the appropriate theme or the right voice for consumers. The message itself, Novogratz said, was lost on many investors who pulled their money out of the stock market, causing the recent dip in rates.

Though the Federal Reserve is not itself making use of enterprise video streaming, it might be wise to invest in this kind of technology to decrease the misinformation that Novogratz pointed out is currently circulating due to the lack of clarity in the agency’s recent announcement. There was plenty of room left for personal interpretation, as Fox News’s guest pointed out, but there is little concrete evidence that what the organization is forecasting or moving toward will actually happen. A video communication resource may be the bridge necessary in order to quell fears and upsets in the market like this in the future.

Focusing on returns
One of the leading ways that the Federal Reserve can do this is through the integration of enterprise video platform tools. As Marketing Professionals wrote, the addition of mobile solutions into the workforce has had a significant positive impact on how well employees stay in the loop and the way in which they convey financial data to other personnel and clients alike. Placing these assets into mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones has allowed the technology to go even further.

The source stated that a CSO Insights study showed over 90 percent of sales and marketing organizations are already making use of mobile solutions in some way. Nearly three-fourths of these firms stated that they were already seeing signs of positive return on investment, both in improved workflow capabilities and overall success in comprehension and task execution.

What’s more, the study found that only about 25 percent of all companies are currently meeting their sales quotas and retention needs. Granting staff members access to video communication assets allows these professionals to increase their insights and become savvy sellers as they learn about new trends and client data in a visual, interactive manner. This enterprise video platform makes it easier to retain pertinent information transferred through the recording process, allowing employees to put a greater percentage of what they learned to work.

Planning for the future
Thanks to video integration, Marketing Professionals stated that nearly 75 percent of companies making use of mobile resources had seen improvement in overall productivity and performances. This is thanks to a better grasp of what the business wants and personal goals, as well as how these two elements fit together. Furthermore, video tools let employees see what they’re working toward and how to achieve it without wondering if they are getting the intermediary steps correct.

As with the Federal Reserve, there can be gray areas in any business plan or forecast that cause concern and apprehension among workers, investors and partners. Overcoming these issues requires enterprise video solutions that allow for ease of access on laptops, smartphones and tablet devices. These recordings eliminate worries and provide an in-depth, visual presentation of what a firm wants and how these goals will be achieved. By boosting communication options and reducing misinterpretations of the facts, it’s easy for companies to quickly experience a return on investment for these powerful networking assets.