February 25, 2014


Help overcome skills gap with video for business training

There are many jobs available across enterprise lines that remain open for months or even years at a time. These positions require specialized training and advanced skills that not many people posses, making it difficult for corporations to put people into the key areas where they’re needed. Overcoming the lack of trained personnel is essential for increasing enterprise operations, but without the right tools, it’s difficult for businesses to ensure they have the workforce assets they need to ensure success.

Reducing hiring problems
That’s where video communication is making inroads with enterprise training and education. According to EDP24, overcoming the lack of knowledge among otherwise-qualified candidates is easier with recorded assets that help potential hires gain an understanding of the advanced and specialized skills they need to be right for the job. By deploying key video for business assets, companies can ensure that the general hiring population can increase the efficacy of onboarding decisions. By reducing the difficulty of gaining advanced skills, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their operations while also boosting public opinion of a firm. When personnel are properly trained, they perform better and deliver the best customer service.

The source stated that one agency is doing more to help businesses find the kind of talented individuals they need. New Anglia, a skill-building and job training organization, stated in its Skills Manifesto that delivering video communication for education is a substantial benefit for business leaders, as well as generating the best candidates for competitive placement options.

“Time and again employers tell us it is a major challenge to find people now with the right skills and this is limiting the day-to-day as well as long-term potential of their business,” the report stated. “Our challenge is to address these current issues and prepare for future skills needs.”

Seeking new options
What’s more, it’s easier for organizations to invest in their current workforce and gain better return on investment for establishing in-house training options. Whether it’s a long-vacant position that goes without being filled or a new opening that existing personnel are interested in, it’s important to offer video communication options that train employees to learn necessary skills.

Not only will this create better promotional opportunities, it also enhances career and talent management concepts, generating enhanced retention and engagement. Banking firm Clarity Advantage recently released a video for business training that showed the best ways for personnel to drive enhanced prospecting, illustrating how effective video communication can be.