March 15, 2012


A Great Video Experience Goes Beyond Just Creating Great Content

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Our customers spend a lot of time and energy creating great content, some of which makes its way to their corporate videos. They understand just how powerful a medium video can be when communicating across a distributed workforce. Other than face-to-face interaction, video is the only medium that can provide a truly engaging communication experience.

But what happens if that video you spent so much time producing is unable to successfully reach all of your employees? And what if those that it does reach experience less than optimal performance when trying to view the video? What happens to your message then?

These are the issues Kontiki helps solve. At Kontiki, we understand that a high quality video experience requires more than just the presentation of engaging content. In fact, successful video communication is a two part equation. You need both quality content and quality video delivery in order to have true engagement. This is because your enterprise video delivery method dictates the number of employees you can reach and engage with a high-quality viewing experience.

Kontiki’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) ensures your content is successfully delivered to all your employees. So you can feel confident that the effort you spent on creating that great content doesn’t get lost in translation. To see Kontiki’s delivery technology in action, check out our new Quality Delivery video.

– Rob