April 6, 2012


Getting started with enterprise video

Establishing a new enterprise video system is not always easy, but with careful planning and understanding of what the company really wants, the right solution can be deployed. If you are working to introduce a new internal video program, the first thing you need to think about is what the overarching purpose of the system is.

Are you turning to video for training? Is it an employee engagement tool? Will the video program be used for internal communication through live meetings and similar events? Answering these questions is key because how you want to use video in your company will determine whether you should invest in an on-demand content solution or business video streaming. Each service offers considerable operational advantages, but also presents networking challenges. Finding the right mix of solutions is integral to sustained success, as knowing how much you want to stream and how much you want to deliver on-demand will dictate how the network looks at the end of the project. This, in turn, will determine the solution’s overall performance, which will likely have a prominent impact on video’s success within the organization.

Once you have settled on how you want to use video, you need to evaluate your own network infrastructure so you can understand what upgrades, if any, you will need to make. How much bandwidth does your WAN have? Do you have an enterprise content delivery network? If so, where does it send the content and can it handle video? These questions will help you determine whether you need to upgrade your network and, if so, what sort of changes are necessary. For example, you may need a video-specific solution to get content to users. Or you may be able to deploy an ECDN that delivers video from the headquarters to the various endpoints through a LAN or WAN.

So you understand how you want to use video and what your network is like. Now you are ready to begin selecting the right solution. There are plenty of ways to get video from one part of the network to another. The essential consideration when figuring out what will work for you is to evaluate your existing network, the type of content you want to deliver and how users will access it. Matching the video solution to operational requirements is integral to finding success.