October 15, 2013


Gaining more audience takes streaming video content

Companies need to diversify their offerings to reach a broader spectrum of consumers. The target audiences of video communication tools continues to expand, allowing individuals to connect with corporations in much more meaningful ways. These scenarios are bolstered by the fact that companies can create and maintain messages much more easily and affordably than trying to create thousands of unique, person-to-person interactions.

Media outlets are diversifying in order to stay relevant, making them among the leading consumers of enterprise video tools. Those resources most likely to migrate to digital streaming video for business are those that make their money on the timeliness of their delivery, entities that must break many stories and connect with a broad spectrum of consumers to ensure their ongoing longevity. Many of these establishments have established relationships with dwindling customer bases, so providing a more modern, accessible solution for shoppers could help these organizations turn their outlooks around.

Making more inroads
Specifically, printed news outlets are trying to make a move to streaming video for business purposes. Philly Online reported that print media is turning to this outlet so that publications can save money and not lose their audiences. By selling subscriptions to streaming video portal access and combining the growing popularity of online recordings with respected, established media institutions, it’s easier for these organizations to maintain operations.

The source indicated that the Washington Post was one of the major players to recently join the enterprise video for business market. The announcement of PostTV, a dedicated online station just for the newspaper’s own stories to go live in video format, marks the beginning of a new era for the firm. It joins the ranks of the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Live and Vanity Fair’s growing inventory of video exposés.

As the Journal’s Sara Murray told the source, introducing video products to print media outlets creates an environment with capabilities to fit any user’s demands for functionality and flexibility. Such capabilities provide appeal in their freedom of use. On top of that, it creates an environment in which “any print story is a visual story,” according to Murray, which encourages cross-channel integration and adds depth of interaction to the topics readers are most concerned about.

Engaging more audiences
Turning this passive consumers into engaged audiences is much easier with streaming business video than it is just the written word on its own. There is momentum growing behind the switch to recorded communication in all facets of everyday life, offering businesses even greater options for reaching target audiences. These outlets are easier to obtain for business uses, more practical for everyday maintenance and a great opportunity for firms to increase their outreach options in an affordable way.

What’s more, the proliferation of mobile devices is making these video for business assets even more appealing for reaching consumers in their regular lives. As these tools are also owned by personnel, they also provide organizations with a free means of connecting to staff members at any time and wherever they are. The presence of mobile tools is also being boosted in usability by the presence of cloud computing, which creates more rapid transition of information and facilitates greater reliance on enterprise streaming video.

As CloudTweaks stated, the reliance on streaming messages in cloud environments makes these tools a perfect match. The adoption of the cloud is a trend that many companies have already gotten behind, signaling other firms to follow suit. Once settled in these landscapes, it’s easy for businesses to look around and find other useful assets to add to their virtualized environs.

Reaping the benefits
One of the leading activities taking over in the cloud is the presence of video, as the source reported. Personal cloud integration is set to explode in 2014, offering companies a greater target audience and increasing the range of business video deployments. Sharing and collaboration are major selling points for enterprise streaming deployments, as these options allow firms to rapidly and easily share data to their staff, producing more unified communication and networking success.

The result of these links is that businesses can dispel confusion within the organization and help make personnel at all levels more effective at their jobs. By creating a unified interactive network that all staff can access and interact with, each person becomes more engaged in his or her work and better able to grasp what’s expected from them. This in turn boost productivity and quality, as well as making every individual in the organization feel more valued by their employers. Taking advantage of all that enterprise streaming video has to offer allows companies to better connect with a wide variety of people with targeted messages that help deliver desired outcomes.