December 18, 2013


Future of video for business could lie in enterprise streaming options

There’s been an increased amount of attention placed in enterprise video solutions thanks to the level of connectivity and business flexibility they offer. Integrated portals and dedicated throughput options help companies gain visibility both within their operations and with clients, shareholders and public audiences. However, there are some new ways these tools are evolving so that they cater to more people and allow for better use in the workplace.

The future of enterprise video tools could be going in a few very definitive directions. The presence of recording options in business settings has increased to a point where organizations are now able to connect personnel and clients seamlessly, generating more organic content and promoting superior operations across a variety of corporate landscapes. This is helping employees learn more about their jobs while obtaining higher levels of competence across all levels of the corporation.

The face of video
There are emerging trends that point toward more favorable outcomes in these veins, the source noted. One of the leading highlights for 2014, Forbes indicated, is a stronger influence toward continuous playback and enterprise video streaming. These kinds of resources allow personnel to review information in an ongoing, cohesive fashion. This allows for employees to easily move from one module to another without having to cue up a series of recordings. Once a manager has indicated a number of recordings for a staff member to view, employees can simply click on one button and see the entirety of the courses they’re meant to see.

This makes video on demand and enterprise streaming far more popular in the workplace, as they facilitate ease of use and integration. Faster movement of information in this manner assists organizations with generating comprehensive, cohesive data presences. It’s getting easier for companies to connect with one another in various network capacities, and just as individuals are making more use of these online engagement options for text and images, so too is video communication following suit.

Through the viewing glass
Forbes added that delivery technology has taken a big leap forward, with video becoming easier to view through dedicated enterprise portals and enhanced streaming options. The presence of low-latency, high-throughput systems that focus on recorded content is helping organizations generate more buzz about their products and services, thereby making it easier for companies of all sizes to engage with their target audiences.

It’s also making it simpler for various personnel to interact with one another. BizTech stated that corporate collaboration is on the rise, with more employees finding easy access to video communication tools. This is making it a breeze to reach out and form meaningful relationships with staff members in all parts of the organization. [split into 2] What’s more, these opportunities make for enhanced engagement across a number of performance vertices, allowing entities to make more of their human resources than before.

The source indicated that Internet speeds and cloud connectivity options are among the top reasons why video is making such a strong impression on modern corporations. Thanks to the availability and affordability of new-age network options, it’s easy for businesses to improve communication channels in ways that make for better accessibility across the organization.

Team effort
Increasing collaborative initiatives and opportunities can help companies improve their functions in a number of ways. For instance, BizTech wrote that heightened communication reduces confusion and can expedite project completion, accuracy and success. Faster, better responses to harder tasks are obtainable when everyone is on the same page, and video for business facilitates this kind of interaction.

Some experts feel that the presence of cloud computing tools is bringing video to a whole new level, the source detailed. With better streaming opportunities and higher speed of delivery for these recordings, it’s much easier to interact with key personnel. Hardware innovations like smartphones and tablets are making these messages available at any time and any place, connecting more people in more meaningful ways. The result is a business landscape that’s being shaped in new ways that are largely dictated by video communication opportunities.

TechRepublic stated that it’s likely that the future of recordings will lie in the cloud, with the enterprise focusing more on these opportunities as a method for expanding operations, improving visibility and keeping employees on the same page. Many businesses are selecting between a growing number of connectivity tools, thereby making for greater visibility of corporate messages. Private and public cloud assets are seeing more hybridization and improved oversight in terms of promoting more interaction among various recipients.

Video storage is also easier to maintain and manage than in the past, as the cloud can host these recordings and make them more accessible. It’s easy for employees to interact with one another and overall corporate culture by adding enterprise video solutions to the workplace.