January 22, 2013


From webcasting to collaboration, video takes off as latest business tool

Businesses are always looking for the next great investment to improve workflow and enhance operations. In 2013, that technology is video webcasting. From communications to internal streaming, video gives companies the push they need to change the way they do business internally and raise profits overall.

According to a recent study from ABI Research on the enterprise mobile video market, there are 500 million users worldwide that could benefit from live webcasting and other solutions that video provides. Similar to consumer video communications solutions like Apple’s Facetime, enterprise-grade mobile video collaboration solutions give professionals the means to share information and content in video formats easily and efficiently, speeding up workflow and eliminating a variety of issues. With an enterprise video platform in place, businesses can make operations more efficient and reduce costs in the long run.

To accomplish the varied benefits of video, however, businesses have to focus on two key aspects – network support and content quality. The quality of video content has to both appeal to employees and eliminate wasted time. If the video is scripted, it should get straight to the point and provide the information it is intended to in a succinct yet entertaining way. If the video is live, such as a recording of a meeting, participants should try to eliminate unnecessary pauses, breaks or dialog.

The more important of these two factors is network infrastructure. A business cannot simply implement a video solution and step away – there are certain technologies and support systems that need to be in place to minimize network disruption and maximize bandwidth. Many companies implement an entirely distinct enterprise content delivery network (CDN) to handle media solutions. With a CDN in place, a business won’t have to worry about bandwidth loss, jitter or any other video related problems and will be able to provide content in a fast-paced, efficient manner.

According to ABI Research, the enterprise mobile video collaboration market is expected to reach about $500 million in revenue by 2017, indicating that more and more businesses will be adopting video solutions in the next four years. For business not already considering an enterprise video solution, perhaps now is the right time to do so. Rather than risk falling behind the competition, a company can get a head start on video implementation and leap into a market that ABI’s Enterprise Practice Director Dan Shey said is still in its infancy.