January 3, 2013


First step to video adoption: Assessing need

By Stephen Blankenship – VP of Product Management

Every business is different, and implementing a tool as versatile as video can provide benefits for any company, but everyone has to take different steps to implement it successfully. By understanding the unique needs that it has for operations, a business can approach enterprise video in an efficient and successful manner and ensure that it is able to accomplish tasks it intends to with internal video.

Current video comnsumption
One of the first things that a business needs to do is examine its current uses for video, if any. If a business is already utilizing video, what mission critical purposes does it serve, and how often is it actually utilized? By taking the time to gather usage statistics and examine factors like how often video is viewed in a single day, the devices used to access it and what the typical level of compression on those videos is, a business will be able to establish the basic requirements that any new enterprise video platform has to meet.

Company demographics
A business also has to consider who is viewing video. Is the marketing team getting more use out of interactive webcasting, or are production teams utilizing it the most? What time are employees watching video, and is it on their work computer or a mobile device while commuting or on a coffee break? These sorts of questions will help a business address common uses for video and how to incorporate convenience into the solution.

Keeping budgets in line
Cost also plays heavily into any enterprise video adoption, and businesses have to ensure that the solution they choose fits well within budgetary constraints. However, it is also important for a company to consider the true costs of successful video deployment – and how much they need to put into a solution to get the results they want. A business looking to double productivity through video use can’t expect to do so without spending some resources on it.

Video solutions can provide vast benefits for businesses that implement them correctly. By examining the ways that video can be used, or how it is already being used, enterprise video can be made more potent and efficient, and the right technology can be adopted to improve video platforms significantly.