November 27, 2012


Firms should consider video training options

For a business to be successful, employees are key. Organizations of all sizes and from every industry depend on their workers to achieve success, regardless of the products or services they offer. For this reason, it is critical for firms to place a high value on employee training. Without such an emphasis, workers will likely take longer to master their positions, and the company as a whole will suffer.

Recently, Mark Lenahan, writing for Lawn and Landscape, noted that his industry needs to consider innovative training programs. Too often, he asserted, businesses persist in their training efforts blindly, never considering taking steps to upgrade the quality of these programs.

This attitude can be damaging for all organizations, not just those in the lawn care industry. The question is how to modernize training efforts.

One viable option that firms should consider is the use of video, as Enterprise Efficiency contributor Brien Posey recently highlighted. Video training, he pointed out, can be an extremely viable option for organizations that are unable to afford in-person training.

For example, a firm with numerous offices across the country may need to hire a handful of workers at each location. If there are only one or two specialists within the company who can offer the unique training necessary for these positions, it can be extremely expensive and inefficient to delay the training while these individuals travel from location to location. Instead, the firm can use enterprise video to provide training to every new employee at a convenient time without accruing travel expenses.

Posner emphasized that for this to be an effective option, firms must put a priority on the quality of their video-based training, as skimping on the production will undermine the effectiveness of the solution.