July 25, 2014


Finding more effectiveness with video for business

Ever wonder where your corporate engagement strategy is going wrong? Chances are you haven't thought about it very hard so far, and if you have, your organization is still looking for ways to make existing systems more effective by simply telling employees to use them more. Or, it may be that no such plan is in place, and operations just hope that people are paying attention when and if informational rollouts take place.

Well, it's time to look for a more effective and organized means of handling things. The best businesses are those that take the time to formulate sound strategies, create a plan for reaching goals and provide methods of handling intermediary steps on the way to these successes. To do that, everyone needs to be on the same page at all times, with a heightened level of understanding that provides proficiency and engagement in the enterprise landscape.

In short, business effectiveness relies on video communication.

For firms that feel that's not necessarily a tautology, consider what PC Tech Magazine pointed out recently. The source highlighted the need for clear and concise communication that's easy to track, review and refresh whenever necessary. That's because the points and ideas that teammates want to get across can often get lost in the noise of a project or even day-to-day operations. Such circumstances raise the chance of miscommunication.

And miscommunication can easily mean disaster.

Noting needs
The side effects of a poor understanding of operational ideas, goals and objectives is that things are done wrong all along the operational progression. Whether that means an everyday task like budgeting or payroll is filled with flaws or if a single error exists in the course of a project, the outcome can be catastrophic.

Enterprise video solutions bypass the bureaucracy and business chatter that often can occlude the overall message that needs to be imparted on employees. As PC Tech stated, about two-thirds of all Americans are visual learners. That means the clearest way of communicating with employees is through video for business.

This technology combines visual, spoken, written and graphic communication methods to create a comprehensive presentation that can be reviewed whenever a worker desires. The same portals that provide access to these assets can also be outfitted to offer links to associated files or important internal updates, all of which serve to smooth out concerns and create a clear path to enterprise success.

United front
Combining different assets into a single enterprise video solution ensures optimal efficiency in business processes. It also encourages additional collaboration and enhanced communication across traditional corporate lines, creating a more cohesive and engaging business environment.

This infrastructure of unified communications is among one of the leading initiatives in the enterprise landscape, Network Computing stated. Although the source showed that about 70 percent of professionals aren't familiar with the concept of putting all communications into a single network, there's still a lot of consolidation interest in the enterprise landscape.

Combining traditional and cutting-edge technology into a single experience ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. People are always sure to have access to all the right resources to learn about current projects, keep up with essential messages and provide themselves with enough insight to effectively do any job assigned to them.

On top of that, even though people aren't always sure what unifiedx communications are, 40 percent of business personnel are already making use of these systems. What's more, over 60 percent of companies have a bring-your-own-device program, making integrated options and enterprise video platforms a necessary part of many corporate environments.

So, even if these tools aren't already present, companies could still benefit significantly from having them. These ideas help highlight the usefulness and efficiency factors that enterprise video platforms and video for business have to offer the corporate landscape.