April 8, 2015


Features and Benefits of the Kontiki Webcaster


Webcasting is in demand across the globe because it makes communicating more convenient. Kontiki Webcaster is a self-service webcasting enterprise that offers cloud-based broadcasting. Allowing companies to meet or communicate with hundreds of employees and clients simultaneously, Kontiki provides high quality audio and video, regardless of who you are and what device you are using. They deliver files securely to their destination, without compromising the format.


Features and Benefits of the Kontiki Webcaster:


  • Unlimited Usage Model – This feature allows you to showcase your presentations to unlimited participants, events and producers for maximum reach.
  • Self-Service Platform – This feature allows the user or company to take control of the videos being uploaded and viewed.
  • Interactive User Experience – Kontiki Webcaster has the “must-have” features of a webcast, such as live Q&A, polling, slide sync and other interactive features that make your webcasts more interesting and engaging.
  • Consistent High Quality of Audio and Video – The webcast software from Kontiki provides impeccable quality audio streams and delivers the highest video resolution, with no graininess or pixilation. Webcasting also limits buffering that causes a number of viewers to drop off.
  • Best Value – Kontiki offers the Cloud-based platform for a low annual cost and without hidden fees. It costs 50% less than the leading web conferencing and collaboration solutions.
  • High Availability – Kontiki Webcaster can reach all your employees during the live event. It also allows you to replay the presentation through Video on Demand (VOD). The Kontiki Webcaster is viewable on computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Robust Enterprise Content Delivery Network – ECDN guarantees the well-organised operation of the existing corporate network. It doesn’t require additional hardware or bandwidth investment.
  • Scalable – Kontiki Webcaster automatically scales files and utilises your existing network without hardware upgrades.
  • Sophisticated Management Controls – This feature allows you to manage the console with real time analytics.
  • Secured and Safe – The Kontiki Webcaster has an enterprise-grade security feature that includes transfers, certification and authentication.
  • Seamless Enterprise Integration – APIs enable streamlined integration with your communication ecosystem for promotion and replay.

Kontiki Webcaster is designed and intended to support “do-it-yourself”, all-employee communication and allows the broad adoption of webcasting, throughout the enterprise. Call us on 888-317-9283 to learn more.