January 11, 2013


Experts say video will be top tool in 2013

Businesses and higher education organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve content delivery and communications while reducing costs. There are many initiatives that try to accomplish this through cloud computing, web apps and other trends, but many experts agree that the best tool for the job is video webcasting.

A recent study of over 180 leaders in higher education and the enterprise found that many believe that video content delivery provides a far greater success rate over other forms of information management and delivery. Interactive webcasting used in classrooms, boardrooms, and meetings allows for a more dynamic library of ideas and information to be gathered and accessed, while providing more "real-world applications." From enabling online courses in colleges to encouraging improved collaboration with video communications for businesses, these tools allow for a much wider variety of benefits than many other alternatives.

Video technology
However, to enable a successful a enterprise video platform, an organization has to invest in the right tools and technologies to support it. Dedicated content delivery networks (CDNs), improved hardware for video capture and the right network infrastructure for access will ensure that the intended audience, be it students at a university or employees of a business, can utilize video in productive ways.

Video best practices
For many companies, the uses of video are varied. It can be used as a communications tool, a marketing ploy or a meeting replacement solution, but for whatever purposes that a company adopts video, it has to ensure that it understands the best practices related to that video use. On-demand access, utilizing the best environments for recording and delivering content that is relevant factor in just as much as the quality of video and the performance of the CDN. No matter what video is used for, it needs to be timely and relevant, because otherwise there is no reason to invest in the solution.

Ultimately, the varied uses of video cannot bring any advantages without a firm understanding of best practices and the technology necessary to deliver content to the audience. By investing in these needs, an organization will ensure successful adoption and a significant reduction of operational costs in the long run with improved network performance and enhanced productivity from employees, staff and other beneficiaries.