December 31, 2014


Executives adapt to style of millennial employees

The era of the digital workplace is upon us and employers are doing their best to adapt. While the majority of millennial employees seem to have a pretty solid grasp of the concept, many business leaders are still getting used to the change.

However, as these executives learn more about the details of a modern office, the use of video for messaging, training and event live streaming continues to expand.

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The Middletown Transcript reported that in 10 years, millennials will account for 75 percent of the workforce. This evolution could open the door to a wide range of technological developments in the workplace.

“[Millennials] are hard workers who’ve been hit with many economic roadblocks and they want to become engaged in their careers,” Jean-Louis Van Doorne, senior vice president at Dale Carnegie Training, told the news source. “Companies may need to adjust some practices to help encourage this engagement.”

Google is renowned not just for its tech prowess, but also its employee benefits. According to Forbes, the forward-thinking company presents an in-house video to employees that cover its long list of benefits, which includes gourmet food and an on-site daycare. By showcasing these perks through a video format, employees are able to learn about the advantages in a comprehensible manner. Startups may want to take note.