December 22, 2014


Establishing the social workplace

Even business leaders of the most fascinating jobs in the country must occasionally deal with workplace monotony. It’s a perfectly natural part of the day, especially considering the constant grind of the regular work day in the U.S. and the sleep shortages of a hefty percentage of Americans. However, executives, marketing departments and human resource managers are beginning to learn more about contemporary methods of in-office engagement to counter this monotony. And as they dig deeper, they’re starting to realize that video interaction can play a key role in effectively implementing a range of employee engagement strategies.

The shape of the modern workplace continues to evolve. However, a clearer definition is reaching fruition through internal social media networks, employee benefits and video for messaging, instruction and event broadcasting.

Study affirms importance of connected employees
A new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found that major changes in the workplace can be well received with socially engaged employees, according to The research was led by Dr. Kohyar Kiazad from the Department of Management at Monash University, who said that employees actively participate in the workplace. They are not simply passive recipients of atmospheric demands.

“Today’s volatile business environment makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to fulfill all their obligations to employees,” Kiazad told the news source. “By implementing human resource practices that increase employees’ social connectivity and fit within the workplace, companies may empower employees to adopt a constructive response if or when breach does occur.”

Kiazad noted that different social events and interactions can be useful ways to improve connectivity in a workplace. Employers could use regular video use to comply with these suggestions.

The contemporary workplace
Employees go to work not just for the paycheck, but also for an intellectually useful experience, according to 1to1 Media. The news source also noted that business leaders are doing their best to eliminate walls. This note could be viewed in both a literal and figurative way, as in-office design and methods of data sharing continue to evolve.

“The traditional, sprawling ‘cube farm’ office layout is fading fast in its role as the centerpiece for corporate life and productivity thanks to tremendous advances in mobile technology and 24/7 Internet accessibility,” Mark Gambill, chief marketing officer at MicroStrategy Inc., told the news source.

These advances have also developed the way that employees communicate with one another. Emails aren’t going anywhere, however, video messaging and instruction is a key progression that will play an increasingly significant role in workplace connectivity.