April 7, 2015


Enumerating Different Types of Webcasting


Webcasting allows companies to broadcast news, videos, audio and files through the Internet. Here are the different types of webcasting.

1. Podcasts

This type of webcasting has been specifically designed for portable media devices. People sometimes refer to it as ‘Netcast’ to avoid it being mistaken for the podcast on iPods, since it is also playable on other types of portable device. A podcast can broadcast a periodic series of audio, video, PDF, digital radio and ePub files and is most commonly used for short films or promotional videos.


2. Vlog

Vlog is a short term for video blog or video blogging. It is a blog that comes in the form of a web television. These video blogs are created through the combination of embedded video or video link, images, text and metadata. You can find a lot of Vlogs on YouTube.


3. Webisode

As its name suggests, a webisode is a series of episodes found on the web. This kind of webcasting is advantageous for people with a busy schedule. A webisode is available either for streaming or downloading. Webisodes are distributed through online video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. Some examples of a webisode include TV series, movies and commercials.


4. Wedcast

A type of webcast specifically used for broadcasting a wedding using the Internet, a wedcast is mostly offered by wedding organisers and photographers. This provides a benefit for those people who cannot witness or attend the actual wedding ceremony.


5. Web radio

The type of webcasting that only offers audio data, it functions like a regular radio. However, it can be streamed through the Internet and is available for recording.


6. Webinar

The word webinar means web-based seminar. It is a type of webcasting commonly used for online seminars or web conferences. It allows you to distribute information through the use of video chat. It uses different video conferencing software. A webinar has an interactive element which includes the ability to receive information and give real-time reactions and opinions. This type of webcasting is commonly used in universities and enterprises. Kontiki, a top video solution provider in the UK, offers the most effective webinar especially for your business meetings with employees and clients.


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Image source: http://www.purple-consultancy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Webcast-Icon.jpg